Avoid Oversharing on Social Media | Darren Hardy

Avoid Oversharing on Social Media | Darren Hardy

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Too many of us tend to overshare on social media, and if you’re running a business, this can be a MAJOR problem. That’s why today I want to give you some of the social media posting guidelines that I employ for my own pages. This is social media for business at it’s finest. https://bit.ly/37iIsID

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0:00 – Question about sharing on social media
0:37 – What does your post help or hurt?
1:12 – Remember, social media is for business
1:51 – My social media guidelines
2:19 – What you don’t post can’t hurt you
2:52 – 3 people to keep in mind when posting
3:31 – Put the spotlight on your team, clients, and future customers
4:01 – Always ask “does this have value to the viewer?”

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