Are You Aware of the Narrative in Your Mind? | Eckhart Tolle

Are You Aware of the Narrative in Your Mind? | Eckhart Tolle

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If you realize this thought pattern, there is a certain intelligence arising in you says Eckhart. Becoming aware of the habitual narrative is an enormous gain in consciousness.

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  1. That was excellent! GiGi, you never cease to amaze us! Your knowledge and comprehension bring our understanding to a whole new level- Bless you for sharing this. You are a true Savant! I’ve never heard such a well thought out presentation regarding Mars! ????

  2. Eckhart, years ago I used to enjoy your wisdom and your videos. Now I see a greedy old men that is trying very hard to increase his wealth repeating old realisations, that you had long ago listening to your inner voice. Something you cannot hear any longer the voice having been buried under all the loud chatter of your ego mind, that has again taken over since greed has become the mainobjective in your life. You have exchanged your parkbench to a comfortable bed chasing the buck. It has almost become like the proverbial blind leading the blind, but still big thanks for what I learned from you, a long, long time ago. Love and light to an old friend. ❤❤❤

  3. The human mind is an evolutionary mistake. The voice box coupled with the mind is an absolute catastrophe! We all deserve one big apology from evolution.

  4. Since thinking involves using intelligence, and intelligence is the ability to solve problems, our thoughts tend to be negative. We think about food when we experience the pain of hunger. We think about the air when it's smelly, or too hot or cold or windy. We think about machines when they don't work, about electricity when it fails. If we had no problems or worries, we'd rarely even have to think. We're constantly playing whack-a-mole against the troubles of life which assault us from all sides. So, when we finally have a chance to relax, we don't know how. This is especially true if we have jobs or roles that require constant vigilance- cops, parents, teachers, nurses, soldiers etc.