Amplify Your Positivity With a Lockdown Journal | Robin Sharma

Amplify Your Positivity With a Lockdown Journal | Robin Sharma

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In this fiery and high-content Instagram Live, Robin Sharma walks you through 6 of the life-changing benefits of keeping a journal during this time of lockdown.

And to be of consistent service as you navigate the disorder, Robin Sharma has created The War Measures Manual – a practical guide for business owners and everyday heroes to win in this volatile season.⁣

In it he shares many of his best strategies, daily routines and methods to stay positive, strong and productive during disorder.⁣


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  1. Is there specific way you journal about challenges and acknowledged them without being stuck there or fan their fire. Do you transition to other journaling like gratitude or dreams and to do etc

  2. Can you share some clips and a video if possible of your journal so that we can get an idea and also get inspired from it or we could add some of our own creativity..Please

  3. Though I’m already a member of the 5AM Club , I can never pass the opportunity to listen , once more , why journaling is so important. And you re so right , every time ! Thanks for that , you re one of my safe harbors in these difficult times. And by the way, your journal looks so beautiful !!! It would be hard not to honor it even day !! Love and appreciation from Greece ! 🙏🇬🇷

  4. Have listened to you so frequently , but always amazed at how inspired I feel after yet another short session. Love your choice of words and phrases , they are apt , positive , precise and strong. They give me the boost I need for the day ahead. My deep gratitude to you Robin. Stay well and healthy !

  5. Dear Robin Sharma, My Name is Samuel. I am from India. You are one of my all time favourite author. You are an amazing guy. You have really changed my perspective. You are a true hero ! But still I have one big question revolving around my mind :-
    Does Changing Ones Mentality or Perspective Really Change the World ?

  6. Journaling helps me be creative and productive. When I was young, I used my note for journaling. But now I use the iOS app "Selflog" for journaling. This enabled me to relive the fantastic moments and grow my self-confidence easily. I'll continue writing down my thoughts and emotions from now on, too.

  7. Robin… i'm very grateful for mentoring us/ sharing us valuable insights & wisdoms that has huge impact on us i developing our self… you inspired us to be A player, not to be mediocre, to step into our heroism… In a world that needs hero, why wait when you can be one, In a world that has forgotten to Dream, Dream…