Am I Ready to Help Others? | Eckhart Tolle

Am I Ready to Help Others? | Eckhart Tolle

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Eckhart cherishes the role of the frequency holder, as they are people who embody Presence in their work and everyday …

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  1. Thank you Eckhart. This was superlative. To me it feels like a "real" spiritual teacher is a conduit for the power that can be reached in the prescence. I "call" this power the Holy Spirit and it is so so powerful and all Love. Bless these people, whether they be school teachers, nurse's aides, cashiers, psychologists whatever they do they are all helping people. They are love. And bless you for teaching us how to reach prescence and recognize the merits of kicking that ego out when needed.❤🙏

  2. A professor of psychology once told our class that there is no evidence that a person who is a friend and totally present with a person seeking help is less effective than a psychologist or psychiatrist in helping them heal.

  3. I have been following the teachings of Eckhart Tolle since 2013 after going through a shocking and painful divorce at 27 years-old, which shook "my world" and reality as I knew it. All of a sudden, I was alone in the US, without family and friends – I had very little emotional support and had to learn how to rebuild "my life" on my own. The loneliness and disorientation I felt were intense, Eckhart Tolle's teachings was all I had, so I leaned into it heavily, listening to it every day in my solitude and finding comfort in his voice and in the truth I sensed in his teachings. 9 years later, after a difficult journey of uncovering a lot of unconsciousness (the divorce was just the beginning) my life has transformed – I remarried a wonderful man who is kind, loving, patient and we practice spirituality and work on our unconsciousness together, I have started my dream and vision of becoming a spiritual wellbeing coach with a focus on Eckhart's teachings, and my dream of moving to Portugal is finally coming true. I don't want to focus on the "outer layer" only and don't want to give the impression that life is now perfect, we all know this is not the nature of reality. There is still unconsciousness, but more often than not I am aware of it shortly after, so I'm able to let go and not create suffering. I continue to practice presence since I know anything I experience in the world of form is temporary and will eventually dissolve – I want to be cautious not to develop strong attachments to the world of form after manifesting the life that I always wanted. I felt the truth in my bones in everything that Eckhart teaches, but to have put it to the test (how he says it himself), and to now experience and see the truth for myself has been transformational – it has deepened my presence and trust in it, and it is incredibly liberating to feel connected to source throughout normal daily life. Thank you, Eckhart.. I am infinitely and forever grateful for your teachings

  4. Thank you very much, dear Professor. I'm at the third year of my Master in Counseling, and we are studing Rogers C.. This video was very helpful because it helped me to understand many importants aspects of the profession of Counselour. The words you say in this video are very difficult to be heard from a Professor in a School.