Achieve True Freedom by Leaving Your Form Identity | Eckhart Tolle

Achieve True Freedom by Leaving Your Form Identity | Eckhart Tolle

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In order to embrace true freedom, Eckhart teaches us to stop identifying with our form identities and leave our conceptual identities behind.

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  1. If you resonate with this message then you may enjoy ‘I am That’ by Nisargadatta Maharaj. He was schooled only upto grade 2. Hard to believe his level of realization that comes through this book.

  2. A lot of people believe that we are just in a physical reality . But this is not the case , we are actually Consciousness, CREATING a physical reality . Connecting back to your Essence, is the " remembering " of this . Great video Eckhart . Thanks for being one of the people that inspires me to bring others into this space as well , Much Love 🙏

  3. profound teaching. I would say leaving form identity is a life long practice for many, and ironically it takes contemplating our relationship with that form identity, understanding it before we can truly let go of it

  4. What an analogy he put it out! That level of realization you are seeing the both painting and the canvas as a third person accross the room. Reminded me the mystery of the painting 'Las Meninas'

  5. It is now so easier to understand this than before… There is everything In this and now is everything and that i though i was is is nothing and im so ok with it Hard to explain… Im nothing thats ok… Im just being and not even that, cant explain… Nothing makes sense but it makes but even that doesnt matter and that it is but it isnt and its ok!

  6. Eckhart Tolle – spends his entire time repeating himself over and over and over for eternity. A self made multimillionaire – great but so what.
    I'm sick and tired of all this praise and approval from his followers. Criticism is not accepted. I did read his books. Not necessarily practical advice for those who really have to work for living.
    It's all lovey, lovely, and beautiful and nice and this and that, from his followers. Presumably people who have nothing to do, and plenty of money to attend retreats and want have you. It's hipocritical.
    No one really seems to asking him proper questions applicable in the real world. Just happy to listen to his monotonous droning about the same thing. It's an illusion.