A Conversation with Christine and Nick Caine : “Never Chained Talk Show” with Nick Vujicic – Ep. 102 – MasteryTV – masterytv.com

A Conversation with Christine and Nick Caine : “Never Chained Talk Show” with Nick Vujicic – Ep. 102 – MasteryTV – masterytv.com

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A Conversation with Christine and Nick Caine: “Never Chained Talk Show” with Nick Vujicic – Episode 102 features Nick Vujicic in conversation with Nick and Christine Caine about their work with The A21 Campaign to eradicate human trafficking around the globe.

In this in-depth interview, Nick uncovers the story behind A21 and its work to rescue survivors; from a raid that rescued ten girls in Uzbekistan to an intervention that stopped a cross-border operation from North Africa to Greece. Hear from Christine and Nick as they work to abolish modern-day slavery in the 21st century.

As a part of our 2022 Champions for the Brokenhearted campaign month, Nick will interview world experts on a new topic. For the month of January, we are focusing on the topic of human trafficking.

0:00 Welcome/Intro
5:14 Christine’s Testimony
9:32 Nick Caine’s Testimony
12:27 What is A21?
16:30 Feeling convicted to get involved
18:00 Called and chosen
24:00 Human trafficking in the world today
27:00 Restoration and aftercare support
31:00 Powerful testimony of a rescue
41:24 The connection between pornography and trafficking
44:00 God’s heart for trafficking
47:00 Would you let this happen to your daughter?
50:10 You are made in the image of God
54:00 How to get support
59:40 End prayer

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  1. good morning..I am so addicted to listen on all your preachings even those are almost 10yrs ago. I love the one on Sta. Barbara, Calvary chapel, rock church, etc. , I listened to it, every morning and at bedtime. Thank you brother Nick, you teach me to pray, and please pray for me and my family and pray for our country…PHILIPPINES. More blessings for you and your team and be safe. sending hugs. I love you.