A Brilliant Introduction to Qi Gong With Lee Holden | Mindvalley

A Brilliant Introduction to Qi Gong With Lee Holden | Mindvalley

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Learn Qi Gong with Lee Holden on Mindvalley Membership ?https://go.mindvalley.com/ogjxy67l

In this Mindvalley Talk at A-Fest Jordan 2022, world-renowned Qi Gong Master Lee Holden explains the ancient practice and how and why it can be used for health, vitality and emotional mastery.

Watch for:

Possibly the best explanation of what Qi is, in a way that scientific skeptics can understand too.
How to move and control this ancient invisible technology
A quick 5-minute individual and partner practice to instantly experience Qi, even if you’ve never felt it before.


Lee Holden is a Qi Gong Master. He is the producer of the Searching For Superhumans docuseries. He’s a best-selling author and his PBS special, Less Stress, More Energy was viewed by more than 50 million households.

We’re proud to have Lee as Mindvalley’s official Qi Gong Trainer, and you can learn a holistic Qi Gong practice direct from Lee in his 30-Day Mindvalley Quest – Modern Qi Gong: https://go.mindvalley.com/ogjxy67l

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