9 Habits that Make People Instantly Dislike You – How to NOT Win Friends and Influence People

9 Habits that Make People Instantly Dislike You – How to NOT Win Friends and Influence People

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  1. Hello!!
    Hilarious video!
    I have always been a fan of your videos , I especially like your succint style of summing up an idea and of course, your drawings.
    This was a great video showing how we put ourselves at a loss by doing such stuff.Personally I have to admit to no.1. Over and over again.

    Hope to see similar NOT to videos of other books too!!

  2. You are spot on point about names! Does anyone know that when a solicitor calls you, they start off having to know your name? And the more they say your name, the less resistant you become to their offers. Also when I talk to a customer of mine, I say their name for two reasons. First is because they desire it once they know me. And also, it creates a more personal relationship. But in my world, it is on a one by one basis unlike the internet marketing formula. Very insightful video!

  3. I don't FORGET someone's name. Sometimes I just can't REMEMBER at that moment.. it can even be a person I've known since a young age and haven't seen them in years!

  4. Its sad that there are videos out there with billions of views, yet this video can change someone's life but doesn't even hit a quarter of one million. That to me is insane. I hope that there is more awareness soon, this is so helpful.