6 Tips to BOOST Employee Retention | Darren Hardy

6 Tips to BOOST Employee Retention | Darren Hardy

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Did you know that it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace an employee? It’s true, and with recent marketplace changes, you could see your best employees walking out the door in the coming months. Which is why I’m giving you 6 tips to boost employee retention. https://bit.ly/2XeZ1nc

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0:00 – Replacement costs of team members
1:20 – How to keep your talented people
1:50 – One: Belief in the mission
2:36 – Two: Belief in the leader
3:06 – Three: Belief in values
3:37 – Four: Strength zone
4:24 – Five: Growth
5:07 – Six: Like the team
5:55 – Where do you stand as the leader?

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