50 Cent Bullied The Wrong Man, Terry Crews Exposed Him | Life Stories by Goalcast

50 Cent Bullied The Wrong Man, Terry Crews Exposed Him | Life Stories by Goalcast

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Terry Crews is widely known for his impressive physique, but when 50 Cent called him out for not being a real man, it sparked a heated debate online. The controversy arose after Terry publicly shared his experience with sexual assault and voiced his support for the #MeToo movement. Despite Terry’s bravery, 50 Cent mocked him for not fighting back, revealing a deeper issue around masculinity and what it means to be a real man.

In this video, Terry opens up about his personal journey, discussing the role that his father played in shaping his views on masculinity and the importance of standing up for oneself. Through his story, Terry offers a unique perspective on what it truly means to be a real man and the courage it takes to speak out against injustice.

Join us as we delve into the heated debate between Terry Crews and 50 Cent, exploring the complexities of masculinity and the power of vulnerability. Brought to you by Life Stories, a refreshing series of short celebrity news documentaries told through interviews and conversation.

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  1. I guess a lot of humans will say and are saying on this post that he should of defended himself. He should of done this and that. My opinion would be unless I was ever in this exact situation with the exact same mindset, exact same circumstances all the way around then I can't say what I would of or could of did. I learned along time ago that I can't speak on someone else's experiences. Like when a significant other's partner has been murdered the officer's investigating say well they didn't react right, they didn't cry, they weren't showing any emotion like we would expect. My thoughts are how the hell is that a sign of guilt if you don't react the way everyone else does or think you should? It isn't everyone has a right to react or respond in different ways. Everyone isn't raised the same, doesn't have the same life experiences or have the exact things going on in their life's at the time when the situation arises. We should not judge him or anyone else and we shouldn't expect anyone to react like you think you would react. In all reality you don't know how you would react ,you may think you would do this or that but you truly don't know period. Unless the exact same thing happens to you with the exact same circumstances surrounding you. There is so much judging in this world and it's so sad to me. Prayers and love to everyone ? ♥.l

  2. Really. This BS. If he was a real man that abuser would be “history” whatever that mean…strength?? Weakness!! Especially when he tried to come after 50 cent.

  3. Sucks that he cheated on his wife. I feel for her.
    Glad he took the steps to prove to her. Hope he's truly changed.

    Cheating hurts. This hurts my heart.. don't cheat, don't flirt, if you wouldn't want them to do it… You shouldn't.

  4. That's not strength…that's passive agressiveness …fucc that chit…y does every other race of mean get to be men…but when blacc men do it it's a problem.. respect is respect.. disrespect is disrespect…it's no in between…if Terry wife chastise him for standing up for himself then she is the problem..tf y'all got going on…if someone touches you in that way u whoop they ass…they have disrespected you to the utmost….and y'all sitting up her talking bout Terry's the real man..no tf he not.. Terry's the passive aggressive yt woman that his wife is..ion agree wit this chit at all

  5. 50 Cent actually said "I used to" when asked if he loved his son smh. Loving someone when they don't love you back is called unconditional love, 50. That's what a real parent, a real FATHER gives his child. Smh no respect for him anymore. None.

  6. some times I won't fight back because I'm a Gemini that's a lefty and ambidextrous and I'll really hurt someone like these silly rappers keep glorifying jail like It's cool It's not

  7. 50 is right. Terry is a 240lb jacked animal! He slapped the dudes hand away and just chose not too beat that man too death. He chose that. Now hes saying he was sexually assaulted and for womans rights. Its not even fucking remotely close too womans sexual assault! He knew he was never in danger of being raped or even assaulted! Its fucking discusting him talking like this as if its the same!
    He was kind of maybe blackmailed that still fucked up.
    But its not the same, a woman and a man in that same room 99.9% of the time that same person can physically overpower and sexually assault that woman! Thats not the same you prick! It would be like if i was in a room with terry cruse and he did it too me! Id be super fucking shook because i know he is physically 3x stronger than me and i may not be able too stop him. He has no right putting himself as the victim like that. He just chose not too rip that fuckers head off and hes crying like he was some little boy. Just too get credit as yessssss terri you support woman. No you look like a fucking asshole using this too try and gain popularity you peice of shit! U were blackmailed! Woman are raped and assaulted its not the same fucking thing !