5 Things You Need to Understand to Stop Being Lazy – Atomic Habits by James Clear – MasteryTV

5 Things You Need to Understand to Stop Being Lazy – Atomic Habits by James Clear – MasteryTV

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  1. I used to do something like this when I was working as a substitute teacher. I would hand out a work sheet and tell the class to get started. About half the class would do the work and half would ignore the work. I would go around to the table where the kids were not working and say, "You have to make it look like you're doing something." At this the kids would laugh and I would say, " Put the work sheet in front of you and get a pencil in your hand. Appearances are very important." Most of them would do as I said because I was not telling them to do anything hard. By the end of the class, most of the non-workers had completed the work sheet. First steps.🍎

  2. Design the environment: we do not buy any junk beverage and food, so even my kid is picky, he still picks from healthy food. But we do not restrict junk food when going to a party which is once in a long while, so it won't have substantial impact on our health.

    I do plank 2 minutes a day: play my fav and energetic song and when it reaches a specific line of the lyrics, which is about 2.5 minute into the song, I allow myself to stop…. have been doing it for last 7 months and my ab is flatter…. this works…..

  3. How can 352 people have thumbed down this video? I don't understand. People who want to put their head in the sand? Hold others down? Thank you creator.

  4. I watched 30 seconds of this video, stopped it, and deleted my youtube tab and my "news websites" folder from my bookmarks bar, as a way of improving my "environment design". Less than 5 minutes after I did that, while doing something else, I mindlessly went to click on my (now non-existent) news websites folder. I hadn't even realized I was doing it!…And it makes me wonder how many times a day I've been mindlessly checking out the news and youtube…it's almost like a twitch! I wouldn't be surprised if my total amount of unconscious, unpurposeful time on youtube and news channels runs into the hundreds of minutes per day. Scary and depressing. Thank you…I've subscribed

  5. this is exactly what I needed to hear, the examples were great and continually helped to reinforce the message, certainly will check out your book, however your voice is hella sexy and would most certainly listen to your book in audio format if you voice it. hehe.

  6. I did this with exercise. I bought trainers I liked wearing. That was step one. I then went out just walking for a few minutes and came back. Just a few times a week. Then I increased it to every day. Then I started jogging each time, for a short time, after 5 mins of walking…

  7. Loved this video it was explained well and to the point, no rambling. Very interesting for myself and my friend who is in early alcohol recovery. With regards to breaking a very long habit of when and where the day starts and ends with a drink. And myself putting off exercising, always going to start tomorrow. I will start tomorrow for sure by putting my leggings on, and do a 20 minute or so work out (probably 5 mins. to start with) but here goes.

  8. This is huge. Those first few seconds where you make that decision of what you're doing next are everything. I find myself having to fight myself right there to not just go ahead and do the comfortable, pleasurable thing. Developing the discipline to instead do what's best for your ultimate goal starts right there.

  9. His book "Atomic Habits" is one of the most effective self-help books out there. Do yourself a favour, get a copy and redesign your daily life towards the better.

  10. This is 100% true. The habit part. I was someone who has plenty of health issues only because I don't drink enough water. And I started taking 8 glasses of water per day just to make my skin look good, and after 2 or three weeks, without even counting I am always drinking more than 8 glasses of water per day. If I don't take that much, I feel incomplete. I just pointed out one of the obvious. Thank you so much for the video