5 Powerful Tools to Overcome Pain | Robin Sharma

5 Powerful Tools to Overcome Pain | Robin Sharma

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  1. This video gave me the courage to talk to my mother about what was bothering me about school. We talked and we eventually understood each other. Now our relationship is stronger and I feel free from the fear. Just wanted to say thank you Mr Robin Sharma for just being the amazing person you are and just reminding us to always rise in the midst of difficulty. Stay blessed to you and all who read this comment 🙏🏿🔥❤️✌🏿🌊

  2. You don’t need friends to go through your pain. You don’t need a friend at all in your life. I would never accept a friend who is selfish. And friendships end at any time, than you regret sharing your life and weaknesses with them. So never have a close friend in life, because friendships end always.

  3. Just got out of a LDR. Even though we have never met and it was only for 6 months( we were going to see each other in 2 months) i still love her, care for her. I know that LDR may not count as a real relationship but I feel like i have never opened up to someone like her. It breaks my hart to not see a future with her because i want it. But I know I have to move on. Thanks Robin, for the advice in here. It's gold. Escaping from the pain isn't the answer. I just have to feel it and let go. I will become a better version of myself and transform in the person I always wanted to be. I need too and so can you!

  4. This should be taught in school, it is so important in life. It has helped me through the most difficult times in my life. This video has so much wisdom and I thank you from the bottom of my heart Robin.

  5. I just watched a video of yours from 2 year ago and this one from 5 years ago I am finishing now. Just wanted you to know your videos are still helping people brotha thank you🙏

  6. 1. Journaling
    2. Talking
    3. Communing with nature
    4. Moving (exercise)
    5. Resting

    Blessings to all.
    And this man is a legendary man with titan qualities. And yet, a human with vulnerability as well. This is very powerful. These insights are HUGE!
    Love ❤️

  7. Dear Robin, This has to be one of the best videos you have published so far. Grateful to you for the same. Your sincerity, humility, love and eagerness to be of service to some one in pain is evident here. The 5 ings are surely very helpful to release pain:
    1. Journaling
    2. Talking
    3. Communing with Nature
    4. Moving
    5. Resting
    Your advice is straight from the heart and one which has been practiced and hence makes it so practically applicable. God bless you💕