5 Life Changing Speeches You Need To Hear TODAY (2021)

5 Life Changing Speeches You Need To Hear TODAY (2021)

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5 Life Changing Speeches You Need To Hear TODAY (2021)
0:00 7 Things I Need To Tell You About Life Speech
14:57 We’re All Trying To Get Somewhere Else Speech
17:46 You Are NOT Your Past Speech
20:06 Someone Should Tell Us We Are Dying Speech
25:20 A New Way Of Living Speech

Original videos, including music, cast and speaker credits:
Things I Need To Tell You About Life Speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9101p5dowLw
We’re All Trying To Get Somewhere Else Speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=279Tcqq–u4
You Are NOT Your Past Speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9tt7VIRumE
Someone Should Tell Us We Are Dying Speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_AQx5ORAHg
A New Way Of Living Speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFYyZq-bY4Q

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  1. You have so much passion in your words iam very grateful ? to have listened to you l hope l get to hear you again and everything you said is valuable and amazing at the same time so very true and inspiring this will help me alot thank you again ???

  2. Every person that left a comment we r collective souls we all deserve 2b happy healthy & loved. I surround us all with white energy & golden light 4ever we will walk 2gether in this light. Every day see it in our minds being bathed in white energy then surrounded in a huge wide ring of golden light there is no right or wrong way 2 do it just see it in our minds. Once we r able 2 see it clearly in our mind we can now pass it on 2 loved 1s or 2 help clam a bad situation surround it in white energy & golden light. Do this every day any time as many times as u choose 2gether we r stronger our souls can reach out & feel the white energy & golden being created & we can feel it grow we know each other is out there creating the light. Keep this faith in GOD…he loves us he wants us 2 succeed GOD & JESUS r so 4giving loving & understanding never fear them love & trust them they will never turn away from us. In GOD's eyes we r precious we deserve 2b happy healthy & loved. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FAITH ?

  3. @Amanda Huber dear sister satan can only lie, ! the idea of god being a tiran and lucifer being somone who leaves you alone is entirely ,twisted, as thats the only thing that satan can do! he literaly cant tell a truth as hes father of lies, and nothing that comes from him is true, even when hes saying a truth hes lying as, he invented it! for exemple , hes like shut up some dope youl feel great, and you will did he lied, see thats him! god on the other hand , is not a tiran at all, this was lucifers lie in heavens beause ,hes ego inflated, that god is a tiran, the ego is the bigest acolite for sin in oure human nature, and satan profits from it , fully..but the good news is that god is almighty, so its literaly up to you who you choose to serve, as god created all of his creations with FREE WILL, ! see what satan does is after making you sin very much , is whispering you ,youre not worthy to pray, or to much of a siner to pray, thats true ,but again he lies, as no one is redemed by his deeds, but by gods grace, and youre faith in jesuses who died for you, and abolished you fully, if you geniunly feel sorry and pray faithfully, knowing youre forgiven! see the unforgiven sin ,has nothing to do with the gravity of it, its about making you ignore that voice so much that , at one point you dont want to be forgiven anymore, is not that god wouldnt want to save you, or couldntb save you, its you who no longer wishes salvation,! so if you feel bad, and broken thats the best news, god is calling you by name, as its really late, ! see everytime satan makes you do some shit, he goes in the form of a prosecutor, he not god, telling god look what i made youre precious children do, give him to me hes mine, in that moment jesus comes, showing him hes wounded palms, telling him ,that sin is already forgiven! so all thhis rush you see on all aspects ,is because satn knows he has very little time, and he knows if peopel realise his decive, they will go to there father to be cured, so he does literaly as much as he can to make you blind, to jesuses sacrifice that abolished you, no matter who you are, and to the time , especialy to the time, he literaly feeds you all sort of crap just to make you hipnotized not to notice the clock! and true the EGO, he has a clear road to blacken peoles eyes , by all sort of nonsens, useless poisonus nothings..! hes like il give you a bilion dolars, but tomorow the world ends, what does taht do for you, thats textbook what he does! now as i sayed you cant be redemded by youre deeds, no matter how good and much, you cant quit youre sinfull nature, and you cant castout heavy adcitions and stuff, but remebr is not you who has any power, iss jesuses blood, all that is requested from you, is to sincerly want to repnet, and have faith in jesuses, who will more than hapily ,put you on a righteous meanigfull path, as much as its left here to, and offer you heavens , if you just turn to him! and satan knows this, plus he hates humankind so much as he and hes demons no longer can evr be in heavens, but even the worst siner still has his chance, and only he knows what a diference is between being a celestial beeing, living in eternity and having the whole universe with is galaxyes and unfallen worlds created by god, as youre place with angels and so, being not a mortal human , but higher in slave and all than angels, as they didnt know sin,(those who remained truthfull to god, cuz satan literaly , managed to trick a third of gods angels in his claim that god is a tiran, those are know the demosn, that trick people to choose,"holywood" instead of everlasting life ) so he is the only one who knows what a diference is between soemthing that cant be humanly described, and this shit he sells as "cool"…!! so the god news is, if you feel bad about youre life be happy about it, thats the holy spirit trying to reach for you, pray to youre heavenly father who will hapily come and help you, you just have FAITH, and one more thing, besides prayings, god let for the poor siner the bigest jolly joker, thats the BIBLE, yes sister, the bible is not a book, the bible is gods word! i know it may sound, hard ,usels , or boring, but i asure younis anything but! u know when the damn music lies you something, and youre like wow, well realise literaly god taking time to guide you and teach you what you really need, what really feeds you, its an unfatimble river of life, and everything wortfull: wisdom, sheter, hopem guidance, forgiveness,love, understandmnt, strenght, absolutely everything is there! the only thing is dont think you hav eto read much , not at all! always pray before you read, for ythe holy spirt to reveal you what you need to hear for that day, read slowly and meditate at what you read, let god talk to you! another thing under every verse , youl find a small writing, those are sendings, si if you dont understan something were u read, go to a sending or even 2, thats how you shoul read the bible, dive within gods word! i sugest you to start from the new testamnt from mathew, but you can also start with the begining from genesis, theres not a right or wrong way to read the bible, only take this in consideration, youre in the presens of lord, always pray before, and if youre sincerly wanting to meat and hear god talking, god already found you! one main very important thing is that the sign 666 will be keping sunday, as 4th comandemnt ,"keep my sabats it refering at saturday" im sure you must know this by now! another very important thing is, always when you pray, for youre needs, thanking god for whatevr, pray for others to, this is gods task and blessing both and once from god! see before the ten comandemnts theres these, "love god with all youre heart, and youre felow human as yourself" so always prays for otheres, and dont doubt youre prayers, trust god, have FAITH! il keep you in my prauers aswell , god bless you and youre loved ones!

  4. MDMSSB⭐???wish everyone Happy New Year 2022.Lets work otogether to overcome the covid-19 trauma asap. Latest news sharing. J

    "We support human Work life balance"