432 Hz: THE MAGIC FREQUENCY (forbidden from mainstream music)

432 Hz: THE MAGIC FREQUENCY (forbidden from mainstream music)

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  1. Okay I'm sorry but there are massive misconceptions going on here. "Pitch" is defined as the ROOT frequency of a pitched sound. A piano which plays a note doesn't just produce ONE frequency. It produces a stronger root frequency over MOST of it's duration but it also produces harmonics of a very wide band. INCLUDING 432hz. The only reason that sound has a perceived pitch is because of the root frequency is somewhat louder but the sound itself consists of a lot of frequencies. 432hz is not a "banned" frequency. Look at a spectrum analyzer. This video probably has loads of sounds containing 432hz. Percussive sounds have no root frequency. Most of those sounds don't have any semblance of pitch. In fact many bell like sounds have a lot of midrange frequencies in the 300hz to 600hz range. There is no non electronic musical instruments which emit pure sine waves of a single frequency all of them produce complex waveforms which contain hundreds of frequencies. Even pitched sounds can have root frequencies which fluctuate or don't last long and are over taken by harmonics both even order and odd order.

    I suppose the relationships between root notes and harmonics MIGHT have some effect but this confusion created by conflating frequency with actual sounds we hear is not correct. It's also been proven that pink noise can help people sleep better. It's the reason some people like to sleep with a fan on or the sound of rain or waves. There is no root frequency there. It's an even distribution of all frequencies the ear can hear of equal volume over frequency interval. It has absolutely nothing to do with any particular frequency 432, 440 or any other. It's more likely that particular combinations of harmonics and root frequencies have an effect which has nothing to do with where you place concert "A". Dissonant chords for instance can illicit an emotional response as can certain musical keys and combinations of notes. It's just as easy to accomplish those things with a tuning of 440 as it is with 432 if you know these combinations.

  2. Schumann resonance frequency is 7.83 Hz, so if you want to "resonate" with earth you should go a bit lower than 432Hz, maybe 431 or lower
    This is electromagnetic waves resonance that our nerve system is tuned to and maybe there is some connection, but I'm not sure it has some significant influence on how we experience the music.

  3. JS Bach started all this by changing the space between musical intervals so that pianos could play complex chords without distortion and dissonance.

    Natural intonation is what human beings used from time immemorial, all over the world. It is thought it originated in bird songs, which humans imitated .

    Most of modern music is probably unhealthy for our nervous systems. But the A440 dictum pulls the entire musical system away from what had always been considered natural. But musicians can choose to play and record at 432 instead of 440. And bending notes is a way of injecting the primordial natural intervals into modern tuning.?

  4. 432 equals 9. 9 is the number of the Divine, the universe and it contains everything, all the wisdom, all the experience. It has such a high vibration that it can heal. Every human on this earth is born under a certain number, depending on the level of their soul advancement, mission, lessons, and experience that each chooses to have while incarnated into the human body and each number corresponds to what energy that individual embodies during that specific lifetime.

  5. Music was invented about 35,000 years ago? Are you kidding me? You got be kidding me. Was it some Ph.d anthropologist who came up with that ridiculously short amount of time estimate?

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  7. Love 432 hz (pure tone) and listen already a long time to it with all the benefits you mentioned in the video. There are also other frequencies which are very interesting as well. And we also have to be aware of frequencies which are not that good or could be even deadly (528,741), so choose wisely and listen to you inner voice and body.
    Would be very interesting to know what Nikola Tesla listen to at his time?
    Thank you so much for this documentation.

  8. "Music" was invented by our Creator. Lucifer was in charge of this music in Heaven. After Lucifer was cast out of Heaven for wanting to be "like the most High", he and his demons have used music ever since to capture one thing and one thing only. YOUR soul.

  9. 1917 – interesting time period when the central planners in USA adopted 440hz. This is around the same time when the federal reserve bank (see: Creature from Jekyll Island) was created as well as the IRS.
    I've heard many argue that Woodrow Wilson is one of the most dangerous presidents and the worst for freedom in USA history. And the things that happened during this time period really shifted America away from peace and prosperity to systems of control and scarcity.

  10. Good stuff. Why couldn’t you play a comparison of music at 432 and 440? I would think the ear could not tell the difference? But perhaps the subconscious can?

  11. You do realize 440 is still a multiple of 8. 440 ÷ 8 =55. 432 ÷ 8 = 54. 54 in numerology is 9. 432 in numerology is 9. According to Nikola Tesla, 3 6 9 are important numbers in the universe.

  12. Because 4+3+2=9 and 4+4+0= 8 and 9 is the golden number it rules all 432 is harmonious and 440 makes up irritable and depressed among other things.

  13. I wonder if music could cause so much confusion, that people would NOT know who they were! Maybe if ppl listen to confusing sounds and we’re pregnant- could a child be born confused or even sick. And what if a person listen to confusing music and then we’re involved in recreational drug use I wonder if that would cause a lot of personality disorders or if they would have one of those outer body experiences and literally pick up other demonic influences when they came back to their self?? Probably why it’s very dangerous to go under anesthesia also