“4 HOURS OF SLEEP” – The Fatal Mistake You’re Making (Matthew Walker , Tim Grover , Rahul Jandial) – MasteryTV

“4 HOURS OF SLEEP” – The Fatal Mistake You’re Making (Matthew Walker , Tim Grover , Rahul Jandial) – MasteryTV

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  1. what is the most important thing? sleeping and live normal life or be successful in what you wanna be by leaving the part of your life where you are not doing any thing🤔. trust me your success is gonna began when you decide to be more tragedy on your self.

  2. Yeah well I have plenty of opportunity to sleep. I fall asleep easy however my body only wants about 5.5 hours before I’m wide awake, feeling awesome and ready to rock and roll… 7 days a week. No energy issues whatsoever and I’m 47 years old so idk

  3. I’ve never been able to sleep. My body has fought it with wreckless abandon, and to my dismay. My mother said I came out of the womb and from that very night on I wouldn’t ever sleep at night. A curious thing I wish I could solve.

  4. DST messes up my circadian rhythm whether falling back or springing forward…
    Just now getting used to getting dark so early..
    And resetting my internal clock ..getting at least 5 hours uninterrupted sleep..😴

  5. There is a big difference in between willing fully not to sleep and and not able to sleep.
    Your food habit would direct your sleep need.
    Until and unless some is involved in hard labour would not need more than 5 hours of sleep.
    Non vegiterians require more sleep the vegans, and they always feel sleepy.
    Change food habits, and sleep quota would be reduce as well.
    And trust me you won't become weak.
    Refer to sadguru on you tube and search sleep quota.
    I personally tried and it works.
    My health is better than my age group
    I look much younger and I am more active than Before.

  6. Since i recovered from covid 3 weeks ago … I find it extremely difficult to sleep , i only sleep during the day 4 to 5 hours max … I feel like i'm gonna go crazy soon

  7. If this was the case, then we wouldn't have many successful professionals today. College days are extreme deprivation days. My friends and I went through 4 years of college with 2-3 hours of sleep a night, and we went on living comfortable lives. Now with our professional jobs, we're sleeping 5-6 hours a night. 8 hours of sleep is such a privilege.

  8. Good advice, but don't want for sleep, you want to minimize your sleep to your potential.
    But for a healthy mind and body and life force.
    We worry about either being awake, or asleep.
    Ever thought, what is in-between that?
    But even on a higher level,
    What about this …
    Have you ever thought what is directly in-between two life forces.
    External to your skin.
    I've felt, and SEEN this.
    You can too.
    First …
    Look in.

    Look out.

    Experience in-between.

    It took me 40 years for this to happen.
    And it came from what I thought was anxiety.
    If you have this, and you build a straight line life from a to z, on that line everything ahead is bigger, and everything behind is smaller.
    Aniexty can turn into something bigger than yourself, you can control it. And play with it.
    Get off that straight line, the line is still there, but you can perseve and view that line from anywhere external to that line.
    A different angle.
    But that angle is an orb.
    Out can move around it.
    View that line from anywhere within your life force, which I believe is just like the sun in you, put yourself in a sphere, and move within that, and you can see that straight line from any angle or view.
    Take away what you will.

  9. The only people that can give you advice on this subject is the 70 or 80 year old man that has had 4-6 hours of sleep and the 70 or 80 year man that has had 8 hours or sleep throughout his life. 75 year old doctors will tell you they have gone years of getting 5-6 hours of sleep… Donald Trump says he never sleeps more than 5 hours.. Elon Musk says he only sleeps 5 hours daily… People with passionate goals all know their brain is always at work.. It will wake them up with new ideas…

  10. Yeah..there was a time when i had started to sleep 4 hrs per night . I used to practice celibacy then.
    Then the sequence broke and today i woke up after 12 hrs.

  11. I have been living off of 4-5 hours of sleep for easily 25 years. To do this I had to purposefully make a change: I get all my dreaming in simultaneously. I can remember them all, too. You just have to sleep in you first bream so that you can concurrently have the others. Now, ask me how I do that (purposefully).

  12. Oh boy, in America you don’t work to make a living, you live to work, that’s how they keep you busy while they go toward with the communist agenda and shredding the constitution while you work like a slave.

  13. Well tonight I woke up at 11 Pm and then I didn't sleep cause I knew if I slept I would wake up in 2,3 hours right now its 6:25 Am so did I make a right choice?

  14. But entrepreneurs loves to associate with sleep deprivation the more successful you are, they didn't how horrible the work performance and the self-inflicted damages on body and long-term health. The more accurate explanation is that these people are on anxiety/depression/stress mentally, they fear of the consequences haunting them for taking substantial amount of risks factors, gradually ignoring their own health status. What the point of living by working your ass off, and spend the rest of your senior years suffering from complications, paying medication, and going to hospital. When you dispute their claim they said your not successful nor you have any big 'dreams' or aspiration. I was like greed bro…ntg more