3 Ways to Communicate Mindfully

3 Ways to Communicate Mindfully

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  1. My fiancé and I have been listening and applying your advice in our own relationship for over a year now. We have never been stronger and continue to put each other first everyday. Your teachings have blessed us in so many ways. Thank you for continuously sharing your wisdom. ♥️♥️♥️

  2. TYSM Brendan! Your book "High Performance Habits" is the TRUTH man and I honor you and appreciate always all the light you've brought to my journey. With your research and data and grounded approach, I have found my way so many days and as I go in to try again at my 4 & 5th Small Businesses…I'm so glad to have you around and have access. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!! Communication gets tough for me with the balance of how much info to give out or hold back on when asked an unexpected question or when met with shade… and taking a 5 second breath before answering. I'm working on these and they are my growth spots lol! Another words, I need to learn when to keep my mouth shut haaa! I'm a work in progress 😉 TY for everything so far. All blessings to you BB! Godspeed!

  3. Brendon my phone turn off
    with 34% charge when you
    said and ask
    " honoring people,
    what does that mean ?"

    truth is what I honor NOT people.

    The reason ?

    Jesus Christ is the Son
    of God Spirit within my spirit-heart is truth
    and Jesus Christ the Son He truth is above and beyond
    ALL people.

    this wasn't nor isn't your healthy heart and mind
    within you there isn't an
    ounce of ego nor arrogance
    quite a team combination
    ? " honor them for giving you the time of day "

    Someone coaches
    you Brendon?

  4. Thank you, Brendon. The takeaway from this short clip is so powerful in that it will be easy to remember and apply! Learn, honour, and improve through the intention of service.

  5. But how do you honor you parent when they made a train wreck of their life? My alcoholic and dementia mother is not happy in assisted living where she was mandated after 2 hospitalization in 6 months. Two Drs. Enacted the healthcare power of attorney (me). She wants to go home but we’re selling her home to pay for the care she needs. I have the same conversation every couple of days. I can’t honor her wishes, because it puts her in danger of harming herself again. When I converse with her her toxic-ness makes me full of negative emotions that spill out to my family. I don’t see a way out. I can’t cut off communication, because I’m literally the only family she has. My brother left in the middle of the night with no information to get away from her and to avoid the deputy sheriff (for not paying his student loans). I am the clean up crew. It is exhausting.