3 Things I Would Do If I Went Back To Boot Camp: DEP TEST, PFA, RCPO, AROC, MA, AND STAND OUT.

3 Things I Would Do If I Went Back To Boot Camp: DEP TEST, PFA, RCPO, AROC, MA, AND STAND OUT.

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What I would do differently if I went back to boot camp
Quick summery
1. DEP Test, make sure you know the whole study guide. Also you need to pass the PFA.
2. Make sure you get the TOP jobs in boot camp.
3. Stand out. Be motivated. Standddddd OUTTT

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  1. Soo am going as an E-3 Undessignated, I know I'am going to be assigned a random department (surely the work nobody wants to do), do you occationally know what would that be?(in other words what is normal to be assigned to a Seaman/PACT). I know how to swim but I get tired easily, how is that going to conflict during boot camp and will I get seperate swimming classes? Lastly, will I have to take the DEP test? (I assume not) Sorry for all the questioning, Its just that I leave soon, Thanks in advanced!

  2. Hi, Yoon (that is your last name, right?) I'm always watching your videos, you're awesome!
    I do have a question 4 you:
    Why so gorgeous? Huh? Huh???
    I'll be waiting (like always) the answer

  3. Graduated last week I'm now at sexy Meridian Mississippi for LS A School. I got E-2 in boot camp I wish I would've been Yeoman or MA but I kinda kept my head down and tried to not get in trouble

  4. I, honestly, would have read the entire DEP study guide. And I would have done it multiple times. I want to know as much as possible. I'd be excited to swear in and receive the book.

  5. What is the Master at arms job an Head PO job? U mentioned u recommend those leadership roles to get promoted. 3:30. Im getting shipped to basic in few weeks as an E1 so I'd really like to know.

  6. I was concerned about the dep test but learning that that’s mainly a E-1 concern really takes that weight off my test since I’m going in as an E-3