3 Rules That Will Immediately Change Your Life – Joe Rogan

3 Rules That Will Immediately Change Your Life – Joe Rogan

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Amazing life advice and motivation from Joe Rogan.

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  1. Tried supporting a person like this for years, ended up becoming like them to the point where I swallowed a whole bottle of pills.
    Threw up immediately.

    That's on me. Not them. Me.
    There is only up in my trajectory now. Watch me fuckers!

  2. It's a little to aggressive for me! and the use of too many negative word doesn't work for me. At the moment I'm in the good place and very goals focus, and one of the reason was to stop being judgemental about my procrastination, stop making it the end of the world. to lower the pressure, and be more resilient. Take of the stress of the equation. Everyone is different , if this video works for some people good, but it's not for everyone. be compassionate with yourself can be a solution as well. And what ever you do or where you are in your life right now, I still believe your an amazing human being and deserve to be love!

  3. Joe, thanks for cutting through the BS and telling it straight. I am 231 right now. I shouldn't be but 180. EVERY thing you said applies to me, right now. I am a FatF*** who has seemingly given up. I am sick of myself.

  4. Joe doesn't seem to understand the basic fact that it's a lot fucking harder to do ANY of this, when you haven't already been doing it for decades, while making millions of dollars at the same time.

  5. "You might have a day where you just write nothing but dog shit, so what just show up tomorrow and tomorrow that dog shit a flower will emerge!" I vibed with this so much! Who else wants to practice showing up and putting in the work even on the days that we feel the resistance the most? Because we know deep down in doing so, that we're going to create some epicness in the process. !! We are in this together, less goo!

  6. True. The Bible says when a person complains the Destroyer comes meaning a demon has an open gate to come in and destroy your life even more. And YES I have experienced this and didn’t seem to learn. But now I’ve changed what I talk about and how I think. Things are not changing!

  7. I really think your advice is valid, but you are leaving out the main factor for this all to truly work and stick … the God of the Holy bible. Everything is done for Him to His glory. It’s not our will, but His we should live for.

  8. You want to change your life – change your thoughts, change your words arising from those thoughts, change your actions arising from the thoughts.

    What is in your minds will create all your experiences, your sickness, poverty, unhappiness and despair.

  9. This is what I tell my own subscribers. There are four planes to your being. Physical, emotional, career and spiritual.

    Physical–you exercise 5 days a week 45 minutes to an hour. Can't afford a gym–you speed walk. Match that with a solid diet of grains, vegetables and fruits, Keep caffeine to a minimum and drink lots of water. That alone will reduce anxiety and depression–far more than antidepressants.

    Emotional plane–do 15-20 minutes a day of yoga, tai chi or meditation. Yoga is extremely helpful–you don't have to join a club–Yoga with Adrienne is right on YT as well as others.

    Career—your path. If you have none you start on what you need to do to get one. Find the sectors, business, social work, technology, trades–where you think you will fit in. Then narrow those sectors—IE trades–plumbing or electrician or carpenter, medical—physical therapist or nurse or x-ray tech etc. Then write down the plan on how to get there. Then execute that plan.

    Spiritual–the combination of the above–the holistic you. What you are doing in the universe to make it better. It results from the above coming together. Hope this helps someone—Charles

  10. I’m not convinced I can’t change my life. Why should I be? As long as you have breath in your body you can grow and evolve as you see fit.

  11. 53 and mrs dumped after 17 years ! Got depressed through lock down ! Now I have lost my family or being father and partner 24/7 ……..
    I m at rock bottom now ! Only way is up !

  12. as I watch this video, I pray.
    I pray for: health, wealth, and love.
    perfect health.
    abundant wealth.
    sacred love.
    I pray to be radically honest,
    with everyone, about everything.
    I pray to be flooded: with bliss and joy.
    I pray to attract and receive miracles.
    I pray for continual healing, on every level,
    in every way: for myself, and for the entire planet…

  13. Wow I listened for like 10 seconds and he already swore two times my Holy Spirit and make just can't listen to this stuff so I had to shut it off