3 rules for better work-life balance | The Way We Work, a TED series

3 rules for better work-life balance | The Way We Work, a TED series

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  1. 1. Maybe you've taken a call at the beach, texted your boss from the __________ or emailed a colleague while on a picnic with your family.
    2. We’ve convinced ourselves that these behaviors are no big deal. It's just one email. But there's a __________ to these interruptions, and there are smart __________ we can all take to better protect our time.
    3. These moments seem so small at the time, and yet research suggests they add up to a __________ The constant __________ of work into our personal lives can increase our stress and __________ our happiness.
    4. So just what is the cost? In one study, researchers __________ parents who were visiting a science museum with their kids. Some parents were told to check their phone as much as possible; others were told to check their phone __________
    5. They also felt ___________. In another study, tourists who were asked to have their phones out while visiting an ___________ remembered fewer details a week later.
    6. And in my research, employees who were paid for their performance spent increasingly less time interacting with friends and family, and more and more time __________ colleagues and clients.
    7. Companies lose __________ each year to employee depression, which is often caused by the stress and burnout of our always-on culture.
    8. Most recently, I found myself texting a client while in the middle of my first __________ happy client, __________ mom-to-be.
    9. When you add up all of these moments, the sum total is a life __________ on meaning, joy, connection and even memory. As we remake our models of work in the wake of the ____________, now is our opportunity to create a new culture that respects time.
    10. The first step that we need to take is to ___________. Reflect for a moment about what you think about when you hear the word “rest.” Sounds amazing, right? But in my mind, I immediately worry about not being ___________ or letting down my colleagues.
    11. When we do have time off, we need to find ways in which we can enjoy the present moment and __________ the leisure time that we have available, as __________ seeing it as an unproductive barrier to our work. One specific strategy we can take is to treat our upcoming weekend like a vacation.
    12. On Friday afternoon, __________ how you would act and behave as if you were on a holiday.
    13. Or maybe you'll go for a long walk in the middle of the day with no phone and no agenda. The plan doesn't have to be expensive or ___________. Another strategy you can take is to create clear ___________ for your time off.
    14. Call me only if it's urgent." To __________ these personal goals, work together as a team. Set team goals for personal time.
    15. Do it publicly, collect data and hold each other ____________. These goals could sound like, “I will not check email between 6:00 and 8:00pm;” “I will have dinner with my family four nights a week;” or "I will go for a jog ____________”
    16. Lastly, you can negotiate for more time to prevent work from __________ your personal life. In business school, I teach students to __________ salary but realize I spoke almost nothing about negotiating for more time.
    17. What does this look like in practice? You can ask for more time on __________ deadlines at work. If your client asks for a deliverable Monday morning, ask for an extension until Tuesday afternoon so you don’t find yourself working on your __________ weekend.
    18. In my data, employees who __________ asked for more time reported lower levels of stress and burnout, and were seen as more committed and professional by their colleagues.
    19. These are small but powerful changes to not only __________ , but to reclaim it.
    20. Once you discover the __________ that these changes can have, you’ll feel empowered to demand that others respect and __________ your approach to time.

  2. I am absolutely delighted and grateful with the immediate healing I got through Dr omoh home channel on YouTube keep saving lives Dr omoh I'm forever grateful ??

  3. I work in a job that is demanding seasonally. Recently we implemented a 4-day work week for our off-season to balance this out and it has made a world of difference for my motivation and level off burn-out. I also never have notifications on for work emails.

  4. Helo, i’m Dwi Isneniah. Let me share my opinion about this tedtalk video youtube chanel. The tittle is 3 rules for better work-life balance. I think, this video is good because it's true that we have to make boundaries when working and when we're relaxing enjoying life, because otherwise both are not managed properly. then a good and orderly life between work and daily life will not go well. Thankyou❤

  5. Thanks for sharing this video… Interesting. I think, It depends on where we work, and how we manage the work. We can refuse assignments that are not too important to do, or those tasks can be done by someone else. Where are our priorities going? choose the best..

  6. Wonderful information on how we can be more productive in work and manage your time also how to deal with your time in order to be happy and rest if you take time off.I loved how she said not only reframe rest also reclaim it??

  7. For every hour I work over 9 hours is an hour I don't work during my normal work day. I just peel it off the next work day, and nobody has said a word about it.