11 Ways To Study SMART & Study EFFECTIVELY – Do More in HALF the Time!

11 Ways To Study SMART & Study EFFECTIVELY – Do More in HALF the Time!

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What if I told you, you can do TWICE the amount you’re doing right now in HALF of the time?! Watch this video to find out how to study more effectively!

This video was made in partnership with our friend Keshav. Subscribe to him for more inspiring and educational videos: https://goo.gl/CbXEYD

11 Ways to Study Smart and Effectively:

#1. Schedule Your Study Sessions (1:13)
#2. Spaced Repetition (3:29)
#3. Depth of processing (Deepen your learning by remixing things) (3:49)
#4. Find Your Productive Study Space (Get to the right spot, that’s half the battle! Where are you the most productive?). (4:23)
#5. Cut Out the Distractions (5:23)
#6. Increase Your Fuel and Motivation to Study
(Ask yourself WHY you are doing this?) (6:06)
#7. Build Effective Study Habits (7:20)
#8. Know What To Focus On (8:26)
#9. Work Hard! (9:29)
#10. Study Like a Lecturer (10:17)
#11. Use the Loci Method (11:12)

For more, see our video Study LESS Study SMART: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL08YZCYShc

And download the notes: http://bit.ly/StudyLessStudySmartNotesByM2S


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  1. I really want to be a doctor i want to study outside. Whenever i tell anyone they laugh at me because my grades barely go to 81%. Although my grades are bad i will believe in myself in a matter of a fact i know i will do it. I believe in myself and i am sure anyone here can

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  3. It's difficult to me, because i'm not good at English so i can understand just some words in this video, but i'll try to make my English good. Hope one day I can understand all about English language 🥰♥️

  4. Heeey Futureme Noor i know you are reading this now today the 1st of august 2022 i am going to start studying so i will success at concour 9th form with good note i will try the harder i can cuz i belive in myself and in Allah i don't care about anything from now on exept my goal 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
    إن شاء الله بالتوفيق أؤمن أني أستطيع فعلها 🤲
    اللهم سهل و لا تعسر 🤲❤

  5. I love learning since I was a child and when I see the video you make me excited to learn so tomorrow I will start to learn other language thank you bro I really appreciate you're hard work keep up the good work