?TOP 180 Famous Quotes to Always Remember

?TOP 180 Famous Quotes to Always Remember

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The Most Famous Quotes of All Time
A collection of the most powerful inspirational quotes throughout history
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  1. Our life is made by the death of others.
    – Leonardo Da vinchi

    This is so true, we live by reading and learning the ways of others, the Bible and many other books from buddhist, stoics and the Havamal, shows us the passed successes, and failures of many people, we learn their woes so that we do not make the same mistakes, and we learn their blessings so we can gain their attributes and accomplishment's to our abilities and virtuous.

    By learning these quotes is good insight to improving one self, but one should also weigh the gravity and merit of what these people did, their deeds and conduct. Many of these stoics have very useful quotes, but most of them are not so wise, as Paul points out, the jew seeked a sign, and the greek seek after wisdom, to the jew a stumbling block and to the Greek, foolishness.

    In those insights, many stoics had a rigorous amount of trial and error, which ended up they accomplished very little and lived a non productive or atleast unfulfilled life. The key difference between stoics and most prophets and kings from the bible is, to not just be dependent on one self, but having great counsel.

    Moses speaks of this, he mocked at foolish drunkards and wicked people and noted how they had no wisdom and wise counsel, same with David, whom always seeked counsel, seeked the brethrens, the priests and congregations in the tabernacle. He cried out for guidance and aid, cried out for supplications and help. Same with Job, when in pain he spoke, when in anguish he cried out, and he spoke in need or else he as he said would have died.

    Many of these stoic teachings and buddhist teachings of silence and contempt are counterproductive to both moving forward relatively and emotionally, one should not in all to almost any case keep silent in pain and suffering, or being belittled and slandered, one must speak up, we can see this in David, whom as he said were among men of tongues of fire, teeth like spears and words like knives, we can see how they said open rebuke is better than concealed love. You can see based on both their conducts and lives that what the stoics did, from greeks to romans masked alot of their hatred and frustration, which shows through most of their history, turned them to barbarism, torturing their kin. So again, as much as these quotes from stoics seem wise at face value, most of them are detrimental, and counter intuitive. Weighing them by looking at their actions shows the true merit of their teachings.

    Stoics think everything can be solved pragmatically, yet as we see with King solomon, he attained all the stoics and buddhist in both proverbs and deeds from his spiritual connection. Solomon in proverbs and ecclesiasties, sums up how truly small, petty and ignorant most greek and romans were, and mind you, Solomon was way before most of the greeks and romans times, yet theyre learning system were so slow and tedious, it as if they devolved intelligently, logic and reason can only get you so far compared to amount of resources and academia that is available to learn, use and apply.

    But good stuff, some are useable, others are not, as is almost all content of the past.


  3. Very beautiful video ! Just telling people who are trying to grow what really life is. Ultimately it is your mind and you. It only proves in our beautiful world we have beautiful, wonderful, loving, help ful adjective fall short to describe. Pray more n more beautiful humans multiply. Peace and love to all.

  4. Some good thoughts here but to say you are noting is wrong because the iniverse is huge ( funny enough a quite common nonsense)
    Every person is worth all that there is in the universe, the univese is matter , what can exist in the minds of man is heavenly