💰💰HOW I MADE $22,000 IN 2 YEARS💰💰

💰💰HOW I MADE $22,000 IN 2 YEARS💰💰

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My Story.
Before joining the military I was living pay check to pay check barely scraping by. I was financially worried everyday. I remember when I was working at Hollister I wanted a lemonade gumball. With 50 cents in my pocket I slowly walked towards the gumball machine. Then a thought occurred… With this 50 cents I could instead buy a book at a thrift store. I started to read any financial books I can get my hands on and fast-forward today I believe I am on my way to financial freedom. I am very thankful of the Military for providing me an opportunity to save my money. I am excited to share with you how I did it with this video today and more to come. Stay Tuned! Yoon.

Let me share with you how I made $22,000 in 2 years of being in the military. Here is a quick summary. For details watch my video.
1. Save $1,00 each month
2. Reduce or delete your expenses
3. Have a financial goal

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  1. What's the smallest amount of money that you could possibly live off of? If you were to guess? Because I ship off to boot camp on August 15th and I want to save up as much as possible but I feel like even $600 is unnecessary for me. I know how to live with very little materials but I don't want to ignore necessities. Would appreciate the help.

  2. Thank you Yoon! I looked back at this video today and smiled because last week I was able to save enough money for a car and buy it outright ! I look back at my earlier years in the military and think all the money I wasted on crap I didn’t need. Now I recommend your videos to everyone!