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When it comes to developing brain power and genius, there’s a pattern. There’s ‘Method Behind the Magic’ ✨ In this video, globally celebrated brain expert Jim Kwik introduces his new Mindvalley Masterclass to help you access yours in 10 simple steps 👉https://go.mindvalley.com/Superbrain

Once labelled as ‘the boy with the broken brain’ due to a serious brain injury he suffered as a child, Jim Kwik is now one of the world’s most well known learning specialists 🌎

Once struggling with a poor memory, short focus and general learning difficulties, now he’s the man who trains the highest performers, athletes and hollywood stars to expand upon their success 🌟

Join Jim in discovering the 10 Keys for Unlocking Your Superbrain Masterclass (link above ☝️ and in the comments 👇)

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  1. Here is a memory from the past for ya: albert einstien married his cousin Elsa Einstein. maybe not flash the incesting twit in you videos if your trying to appeal to the woke.

  2. The majority of this 'master class' is just an ad for the guy's $1000 course. There are 2 useful pieces of info in this, 1 at the start to get you hooked cause it actually works, then another RIGHT at the end which is also useful. The rest is just ad filled, and the best part is there's no way to skip it!