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  • Please don’t listen to this woman. I used to be a New Age follower for 25 years, but it is a deception that will just ruin your life. Also, I did the “”Love and Above” classes and it just opened up my life to dark spiritual experiences.
    I hope all the New Age followers who have spent years trying to heal themself and are exhausted from all the classes and new spiritual techniques will realize all of that is a path to nowhere. After spending most of my life searching and listening to spiritual gurus I was so tired of trying to change myself. I finally found peace and true healing (without paying anyone) when I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. I used to hate Christians and didn’t know why. It was the darkness in me that was repelled by Christianity.
    So, if you have a knee-jerk repulsion for Christianity and the name of Jesus, but at the same time are open to and willing to except all other belief systems, please explore why that is. Why are you open to Buddhism, taoism, Islam, hinduism, native religions, pagan religions, astrology, psychics, and New Age spiritual teachings but then have a hatred for Christianity? Is it really because of the history of Christianity or the judgmentalness of Christians? Jesus is very real. I learned from personal experience he is more real than any spiritual experience ever had. And now my heart and soul are finally at peace. I finally feel safe in the world and no longer have a drive to keep seeking the next thing for healing like I did as a New Ager. I hope other New Agers find this same peace.
    To learn the true history of the New Age watch this documentary…

  • I have followed this course a few years ago when I was dealing with a lot of anxieties. It helped me a lot to gain more self awareness. Did it solve all my problems? Well I would love to share more about that in this Unlimited Abundance Review video:

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