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  • This philosophy sounds good but it’s only one side of a coin with 2 sides. Hitler was also hated and feared by many. Just because you are ok with yourself doesn’t mean what your doing is right

  • Look if you are your own mortality then ok, but your focus on yourself you will fail in life. there is more to life and afterlife than you so NO your video is not motivating it is discouraging

  • We are strong💪and we will fight to become worriors.. no one knows how we feel inside us..have faith in god hes with us if u belive in urself were unbreakable ..believe in your self ..i tell my self Stand Up..Talk Loud..Be Proud.. never listen to others but ur self ur one who will change just believe in gods faith good will come and youll be happy ✌🌈✝️🙏🙏🙏❤🙏🙏⚘🌈💯

  • A year and one month later from the biggest heartbreak and darkest time in my life I'm as emotionally and physically healthy as I've ever been and the closest with our Lord and savior as ever and want to spread good vibes and love towards all the ones fighting their inner demons and war ❤💕🙌

  • It would be so much better if the background music wasn't so loud almost drowning out the speeches. Love the channel but please turn down the background music.

  • Just when I thought I actually mattered to him or that he truly loved me, the thought became an illusion. It was all smoke and mirrors. All Trust gone.
    I have myself and I always will. I can look in the mirror and say, I loved unconditionally, no matter how cruel the other behaved. I have me and I got me.

  • This is BS try getting shot innocently, beat as a child cause I couldn't get my times tables right. My brother Cut my left hand, dominate hand. Hit by a car twice in 2 years. I wake up my back hurts, hip. Don't tell me how I feel when none of you have experienced any of it. Fuck this Life if it was my choice Is left this POS life along time ago

  • Everyone has an opinion & a voice of who they think you are, but you have the loudest voice of who you know you are. Be honest with yourself & get a move on & do what you know that you need to do. I'd rather go down fighting & doing my absolute best than living on the sidelines & wasting my time & life. Keep trying & don't give up, cause if you do, you will never get that time back.

  • This is how you inspire. I cant stand the ones who SCREAM at me and sound like there crying at the same time. This guy puts bass in his voice when hes supposed too, and calms it when he should too. I liked this one.

  • Don't waste your time in this world doing things you don't like. Make yourself strict like there is no tomorrow. Be a better person in you life please.

  • The only words i want to hear when I'm dead are:

    1. No regrets
    2. It was fun while it lasted
    3. Do your very best in life because it is short

  • I've listened to this well over 10 times…and often couldn't get past the "you matter" section without crying, because that has always been a cement wall for me from childhood. Tonight, after several listens, I got past that part, and for the first time was able to fully "hear" the message given about the shadow side. Had to back that part up and listen to it several times, and wrote it all down! I was also able to see its connection to the "you matter" part of all of this. There's too much good truth in this collection to listen just once. Had to thank you again for putting it together.

  • I dont know what your situation is but…

    Everything is temporarily and it will go over! Be Strong Guys!

    We will see never each other.

    ~ Dany from Germany

  • I am 29 years old. Always been heavily overweight, depressed and suicidal since i can think. Had 2 horrible relationships that scarred me emotionally to the point where i had nightly panic attacks. Got broken kidneys and am relying on dialysis for almost 7 years now.
    About 3 years ago i had a turning point in my life and finally decided that i need to change something. Since then i've been hitting the gym every week. To this day i lost exactly 50kg. I am in a wonderful relationship with someone who likes me for who i am and supports me no matter what. And for the first time in over 10 years i am actually happy. And i am proud of what i've archieved.

    To whoever needs to hear this: Stay strong! I know it's fucking hard. And believe me i've thought about quitting countless times. But i didnt. I soldiered through all the bad days, all the setbacks, all the let downs.And here i am. And if i can do that, you can too. I believe you!

  • The ocean – he is so big.
    Standing right in front of him, I feel the curiosity to know if he feels sad sometimes.
    When I stand here and stare at him, and release all my bad thoughts to the bottom of the ocean, does he feel overwhelmed?
    Does he really listen to the thoughts that I send him? Or he just carry them carefully and bury them under his chest?
    How does he find the power to stay so calm when I am screaming right in front of his face?!
    So many questions I have for this endless beautiful canvas that lays over the body of the Earth and give colors to her.
    How many others have shared their thoughts with him? Does he have a favorite human being? Someone that is more worried of his happiness than of their own…
    I wouldn’t imagine.
    I don’t know how oceans are but I do know people very well.
    And people do not care for someone else more than for themselves.
    This ocean is so big.
    So small I feel in front of him, and still, here I am with a bunch of “concerns “ !
    I keep coming here for help, ignoring the ocean inside of me that could drown everything that shouldn’t live in my mind any more…

  • I’ve never had someone, a stranger get to me as did videos has done. Broke me into tears as I realized the things that I have been lacking for such a long time and woken me up and realized the things that I must do now matter the circumstances. I will listen to this video in a weekly basis. I have much work to do but for once I am not afraid to start doing it! Thank you and for the comments I have enjoyed reading them so much and learned a lot too.

  • I really needed this in this dark time of life. 2020 has been an awful year, so many people have died from coron. So many has died because of the protests and riots, people have DIED fighting for their rights! And being locked up in my home as a transgender teen, a depressed, anxious teen, a teen with issues and suicidal thoughts. Shit is hard but this video really made me re think alot about myself and everything going off right now. Thank you for spreading these motivational speechs, you have no idea how much I needed this.

    If you're reading this no matter your past and your present, no matter how dark times may be and no matter what you feel right now. Things will get better. We will grow together and progress together. My heart and soul goes out to you and your families and friends. We are the same.

    If you need someone to talk too my Instagram is @razzledazzle.mason and feel free to send me a message.

    Have a good day 💕

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