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You cannot change your world while you remain the same 🌎 Instead of trying to fix a part of your life you’re unhappy with from outside yourself, learn how to take a ‘spiritual shortcut’ and transcend them completely instead 👉

You may recognize Spirituality Teacher and Mindvalley Author Michael Bernard Beckwith from the crazily successful movie named ‘The Secret’ launched over 10 years ago 🎥

This paradigm-breaking documentary revealed the ‘Law of Attraction’ that the Universe was bound to, and provided people with the ‘secret’ solution on how to manifest the lives of their dreams through visualization 😍

Although all of that may have sounded attractive, there are some serious limitations to the whole concept ☝️ And according to Michael, the rules are seriously outdated! That’s why he teamed up with our founder Vishen Lakhiani to launch this special Masterclass.

You’ll be one of the first to know about the new rules on how to manifest your destiny and achieve lasting happiness in the Masterclass 😊

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  1. Love your video!!

    I’ve always felt like I’ve been limited to a world whose boundaries were given to me but I could not accept that it was it. They say a butterfly can see far more colors than we do. What if we are limited by our physical constraints to experience the real world. I embarked on this journey and the following pieces have helped me a lot and would like to share them with you.

    Understanding the truth (Completely free):

    See where your life is leading you:

    The second step to this journey is controlling it:

    Find your true calling based on the Mayan code:

    Ultra manifestation:

    And this great video helps as well. This is the most guided path I could suggest. Hope everyone finds their true selves.