Ed O'Keefe Show- Behind the Scenes of Greatness

“Father of 7 and Entrepreneur, Ed O’Keefe Starts New Show To Inspire
And Fill The Gap Oprah has left!”

Ed O’Keefe doesn’t start his day like most entrepreneurs you see in the movies. After his wife of 10 year’s alarm goes off, there is little time to waste before he quickly gets behind the schedule of getting his 4 oldest children off to school.

That might not sound difficult to some, but when the 8 month old twins are awake at the same time...the 4 turns to 6….

“It’s fun..but we are late a lot.” O’Keefe says with laughter.

Recently, OKeefe has sold off his ownership in his health supplement business that he started from zero and generated millions in sales the past few years. This was just one of many ventures that O’Keefe, a self-taught, “grass roots” entrepreneur has started.

Now he has turned his attention to creating his own Online Television Show ironically named:
“The Ed O’Keefe Show! Going Being The Scenes of Greatness
Highlighting Uncommon People

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