Intellectual Indies

Intellectual Indies relates to your ability to think and understand things. It will engage your mind in critial thinking.

Knowledge gained is directly proportional to knowledge shared. This is the platform where we will share our views and knowledge with each other. More we share,more learn and more we gain.

Here we will talk about marketing,ideas,general knowledge,sci-fi,operation,fitness and many more. The list is endless. You can also suggest some topics for this channel.

Milestones Achieved :

1 Subscriber: 1 Jan 2017
10 Subscribers : 3 Jan 2017
100 Subscribers: 6 Feb 2017
1000 Subscribers: 25 Feb 2017
5000 Subscribers: 28 Mar 2017
10K Subscribers: 8 April 2017
100K Subscribers: 26 March 2018
1M Subscribers: ???

Contact Email :
Keep Sharing, keep loving. Thank you

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