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Lewis Howes is an American author, entrepreneur, and former professional Arena League football player. He hosts The School of Greatness, a talk show distributed as a podcast. Learn and hear the stories from various successful people around the world, become inspired, motivated and educated with the SCHOOL OF GREATNESS.

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  • Woww!! Both men were showing their interest in this interview! Amazing question and answered with such honesty and transparency!
    Love this so much! Thank you, Tony, for keeps giving us a spark of desire in life!

  • Tony is so rightI! If there's one thing that can't be emphasized enough, it's compound interest.

    It's going to make somebody rich.

    1) Either you through investing;
    2) Or those you're borrowing from.

    Why don't they teach this in schools???

    most common misconception is that you need to make hundreds of thousands of dollars to be rich but people often-times misuse the term. All you need to do in this life is make yourself be financially secure. And i don't mean get a steady job or work your ass off to achieve that. I mean, little by little, save up some money and study hard to use them in ways that they will produce more. The produced money will be reinvested and produce even more, and so on and so forth. It's a hard thing to do in the beginning and it may need years but anyone can do it. You need to simply find ways. I'll list a few that come at the top of my head:

    1.peer to peer lending (you will invest a rather small amount, even 100$, that will produce around 10% annually)

    2. Stock Value investing: You will not trade or speculate the market, you will choose certain stocks on certain criteria that will pay 3-20% annually. The better you get, the closer to the 20%. Read The intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham. He uses security analysis to minimise risk even in bear markets or even crashes.

    3. Invest in real estate. YOUR HOUSE ISN'T an asset. But, subrenting a part of your house can turn it into one. If you apply for a mortgage loan, get some extra money, build another floor and rent it as a separate apartment. You will find that the extra floor will cost an additional 20% at most and it can pay off the mortgage by itself or even earn you a little extra.

    4. You can buy things from garage sales or goodwill that can turn a profit in amazon. a 10 hour/week schedule can increase your monthly income by 100-2000$.

    5. Last and most importantly, figure a way out off paying taxes (legally ofc). Read "inc. and grow rich" for a great insight on it.

    P.S. I live in Greece where we are supposed to be making 10.000$ on average a year and believe it or not I am super confident that i will reach my goal at 30. I am not trying to become super rich, i am looking into earning twice as much as my expenses with a maximum of 10hours a month. AND TRUST ME, IT'S POSSIBLE.

    I will definately start a series on financial education soon. I am still reading books to increase my knowledge on things more. I have also starteddipping my toe in stocks, looking at real estates and peer to peer investing. You may want to subscribe to my channel to get notified about it.


  • I still feel like he doesnt' know what he's talking about. Warren buffet has fees. Why do we have to listen to you when everyone you mentioned has their own book? 401ks have the lowest fees…so is it fee again there? I love Tony for motivational speaking, unless he's telling you how to make money from doing what he does, he really cant say anything. And he better be careful because the SEC is starting to come after these novice advisors. How about find out the value?

  • All the wealth that I have accumulated the last years since I had a fall back to 100.000 took great risks. I have learned that learning to handle risks and keep taking them will constantly push you forward. All the best.

  • Mr.Robbins story about that young boy at the restaurant relates to what I did today. I’m a 17 year old chip boy at a Mexican restaurant. Tonight a family came in and had a special needs child. The only reason I say that is because as they were leaving I was waiting on a table to come in to do my job and I’m in the front. The boy was probably 10 or 11 not much younger that me. Well the mom puts 50 cents into a little machine with one of those fake gold necklaces or the sticky hands or whatever and she said “it’s broken you guys should have a sign over it” and she’s looking through her wallet and noticing she doesn’t have any more change and the boy is getting upset. So she ask her husband if he has change and he was looking through his wallet and without hesitation I reached into my wallet and sitting there is 50 cents so I walk up to her and say “here you go ma’am” and expect nothing in return and she says “Awh thank you so much” and I say “it’s no problem at all” well I go back to where I was standing and the husband comes up to me and gives me a dollar and says “Garcias” (thank you in Spanish) and I say “thank you so much” I could’ve got them change at the register but decided to give my own money because it was an act of kindness. And I always think “what you give, you get back in return” and today was a prime example of that. I’m a broke high school student with $179 in my account and I gave them the small amount of change for nothing in return. I know a dollar isn’t much but when you think about it, I doubled my money and not even on purpose. If you see somebody even if they do have money that might’ve left their wallet at home. Just give them the money and I promise you. It will come back into your pocket and maybe somehow you’ll receive more than what you have. Either that’s from the person you gave it to or somebody completely unrelated to that good deed you did. I am watching these videos to make more money and to learn from the best and I bet you guys are here for that as well. I wish everybody to take something from this and flourish into a happier and more successful state. Thank you for reading this.

  • Diversification is one of the biggest cons in investing. You get all the diversification benefit once you hold 20 businesses – anything after is unnecessary. Heck, even going from 1 company to 5 reduces the risk from 100 to 40%. So why then would you put your money in a portfolio of thousands? Tony Robbins has made his money from building one brand/company. Warren Buffett has built his fortune holding mainly 5 companies, 70% of his wealth today is diversified across apple, American express, coca-cola, the bank of America, Wells Fargo and Heinz kraft. It's not even hard to choose good businesses today with the amount of data that is available.

  • Tony! I love your message but this discussion, and I'm just ten minutes in…is for men, or those whose world is money, whose jobs are in finance…what about the early childcare person, an older woman who lives alone? How can you relate all this great information to me? I'm lost…you need to use words /vocabulary, that I can understand. I'm totally intimidated.

  • Everybody dream about reach their financial freedom, but just some people achieve it why??
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