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I think each of us has moments in life when everything goes wrong. I just want to help people with my work, to get more easily through the difficult times.

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  • As I have said for many years the internet has destroyed our world in to many ways I cannot even mention. From porn to national secrets to child trafficking to stalking and the list is endless no more family

  • I'm 16 and I have a job. I really hate the whole 9-5 curriculum. I'm trying to save for a car, and need a job. I don't want to love my fucking life working 90% of it… I wanna grow with Jesus and people in my life.. not my corporate. It's so dumb .. all of it

  • It is our new information source. It gives us the truth we don't get from main stream media. We of course have to dig for it…but at least now we can find the truth if we want to…and when we do…it's very disturbing.

  • Praise God, that I don't own any mobile phone and have been for more than 10 years now. Only if people have faith in the Hereafter and that they will be questioned by their Creator how they spend their lives. This is the true promise by the father of all satans that he will misled all creations from His path. Our purpose of life is to be a slave of God and taking care of His Kingdom on earth. 1. To worship Him 2. To acquire knowledge about Him and what He wants from us and practice it 3. Service

  • For anything there is a limit…I was an addict for mobile phones..Everytime i had the tendancy to look social media playing game during late nights.I cant control it.My mind was curious whats new there whats new….I realise that there is so many things outside the phones which gives us much happiness..Indeed social media and others are needed up to a limit.I take 2 to 3 months to control my adiction

  • With all this addictive programs on phone , they are distracting us to the point we are not watching what's going on around us , and till something bab happen we are going to watch but it will be to late

  • Along with the addiction of living to eat the poisen they sell us and call it food.Time for the people to wake up and take back their power.Not leave the one percenters in power who are out to profit from the destruction of mankind.We are only slaves to them.Slaves.

  • Watching this on a phone doesn't mean shit. If u have one maybe two beers, doesn't make you a alcoholic. The point here is everything in moderation and not addiction to the point where you are a walking zombie to the REAL world. I use my phone and the internet, I don't let it use me.

  • I don't go on the Internet as much as most people but I still find myself checking from time to time. Thank god I love to read a book and see a movie….but mostly I love my family and friends! Please shut your phone off and rejoin society 😢

  • I was in a take away shop one time and there were all these people in there with cell phones I saw one guy who kept taking his phone out of his pocket then putting it back in so I counted how many times he took his phone out and timed it he was only in the shop for 3 minutes and in those 3 minutes he took his phone out of his pocket 46 times I was like what the fuck is wrong with this guy every other person in the shop apart from the guy cooking and myself were on cell phones even the girl at the dam register was buried in a dam cell phone

  • ISIS = Israel Security Intelligence Service.Boycott Israel, Dissolved this Criminals Defacto Israel States. They are infiltrated in all U.S.Government, Congress,Pentagon,even in The White House,all U.S.Federal Agenvies and run Virginia Corporation or United States Corporation Empire or us we know it The Republic of The United States of America.We are The People by The People for The People. From Ex U.S.Marines , Conscious Revolutionary and always will be a 100% Native Borikua Patriot of The Archipelago Boriken misnamed Isla Puerto Rico or misnamed Porto Rico Island. Is Our Inalienable Rights of Freedom Independent Sovereignty.The only legitimate President Nicolas Maduro of Our Heroic Sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It is not Humanitarian aid is the Trojan Horse and its Mercenaries. Our Common Enemies are Domestics and Foreigners by the Same are infiltrated in the High Spheres of many governments. U.S.Marines .: Boriken Archipelago (Puerto Rico), China, United States, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Mexico, Bolivia and all Peoples, Governments and Nations AGAINST Our True Common Enemies 1% Secret Society Cowards Billionaires Criminal Terrorists Pedophiles Sociopaths Psychopaths KNZARIAN ASHKENAZIS JEWISH SIONISTS KOSHER NOSTRA MAFIA and associates of different nationalities at National and International level. No more CABAL, no more Lies, Manipulation and Control from THEIR International Private Institutions such as World Central Bank, Federal Reserve, London Bank, Washington DC, Vatican City Bank, IMF, CFR, Security Council, UN, OAS, NATO, MAINSTREAM MEDIA Etcetera No more infiltrated in the High Spheres of the Governments especially those of the United States ISRAEL Europe Britain Vatican Corporation Empire. On behalf of Ex US Marines, Revolutionary Conscience and always 100% Native Borikua Patriota of The Boriken Archipelago badly named Isla Puerto Rico or Misnamed Porto Rico Island.

  • We, older generations cannot compete with technologies. No matter how much love, how much passion we can share to our family and kids and friends, how many great story's we can can say, we are nothing. Forgotten and sad, gray hair man and woman that no one's remember except on holidays. But, i have no one, have no children i am just an old sad man who have no one to share his love. Internet is a great place, but living people are better, internet has no warm arms to share a hug with you, internet have no emotions to show you, internet cannot walk with you in the sunset, internet cannot make you a cup of tea when you are ill. Young people these days often forget that internet and all technologies cannot cry and laugh with you. It is a imaginary world. I still love to talk to people, sometimes they tell me that i should just text them and i say NO. Why not? Because my phone cannot see what is the expression on your face when i tell you something. But new times are coming maybe we are all just can be replaced with battery powered machines….I am lucky that i wont be alive when that happens……..God have mercy on us…..

  • We as a people are not living a life. We are just existing at the hands of the ones who are living a life and they have us chasing that life that is nothing but a dream for us because we will never have that kind of wealth to be free to live a true life.

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