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Wim Hof, also known as The Iceman, is the holder of over 26 world records. He has climbed the majority of Mt. Everest wearing nothing but shorts and shoes. He’s stayed immersed in ice for 1 hour, 13 minutes and 48 seconds. And while many have claimed that he is some kind of genetic freak, he is silencing critics everywhere by teaching regular people his unique breathing and cold exposure methods so that they too can enjoy the same powers as the Iceman himself. Find out how you can too in this episode of Impact Theory.

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How Wim Hof triggers adaptation in his body so he can do crazy sh*t [2:45]

How we lost our ability to adapt to stress from wearing clothes and living in our comfort zones [3:00]

How to bring back the power of your mind [4:09]

Wim Hof says we can control our bone marrow to defend against disease and inflammation [5:09]

The breathing exercises that can control apoptosis, which resets your body back to its primordial state [6:06]

How Wim Hof is able to maintain his skin temperature when exposed to ice water [7:17]

How the Wim Hof method can make your DNA change itself through the telomeres [11:56]

Does Wim feel pain when he is submerged in ice? (his answer will surprise you) [14:37]

What Wim Hof visualizes when he is in the ice and what he does to overcome the stressors [16:11]

You can tackle any emotional or physical stressor with your breath and the mind [18:36]

Wim Hof’s scientific explanation for his ability to control his body [19:23]

Why Wim says the method for addressing inflammation, endotoxins or mental health are essentially the same, “you’re just going into your body” [26:22]

The meaning of life according to Wim Hof [27:23]

Will a cold shower before bed make you sleep better? [29:59]

Why Wim Hof’s twin brother is only now able to control his body and mind [32:00]

We’re able to control inflammation (quote) [32:31]

Wim Hof’s Definition of happiness and how to exercise it [32:57]

Why Wim Hof plays guitar (and what it has to do with meditation) [33:24]

How Wim Hof is able to teach regular people to do the Wim Hof method and they get the same results as him in only 4 days [35:47]

The impact Wim Hof wants to have in the world [38:41]


“That power is the same power we can learn to embrace and awaken in which we are able to tackle any stressor in the world – emotionally or physically, mentally – whatever you have, we are built to be able to get through and to learn and not to be afraid because we have the power of the mind.” [18:35]

“Just be happy strong and healthy and the rest is bullsh*t.” [27:39]

“Suddenly it makes sense that love is the greatest power of the universe.” [36:55]

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