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Written, and Performed by Rachael Schroeder:

MUSIC composed by the one and only Patrick Rundblad:

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“Finding it hard to forgive
Just because it’s easier to hold on,
Doesn’t mean it’s good for me
Looking for a sense of control
But it’s letting my pain define me,
It’s getting in the way of who I actually want to be

It’s never too late to change, let go, never look back
Don’t want to be a prisoner of my past anymore

So I’ll free my soul, keep moving forward
Forgive who has hurt me, focus on my future
I’ve got one life, want to make it count
Accept the past, gotta love myself
So I’ll free my soul, keep moving forward

Even when it isn’t my fault,
Gotta own my side of the story
And take all the lessons I learn with me
Lost time never comes back so,
Why do I keep replaying it in my head
When it takes away from the joy of who I am today”

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