This Is Why You Should Never Let a Tragedy Define Your Life | Inky Johnson | Goalcast

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Impact. Inspire. Empower Speech: Inky Johnson was 8 games away from playing in the NFL when tragedy struck. Watch the full video to see why Inky Johnson is an inspiration machine who refuses to let tragedy define his life.
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  1. What a strong guy, so inspiring…this speech still gets me and i have listened to it a lot. that feeling of not being able to quit, that being the default action of your being. Only knowing how to keep moving because you have held yourself or been held back for one reason or another for such a long time that you would rather be broken into pieces before you stop moving forward. I love this kinda stuff. <3.

  2. But in d name of sports people getting paralyzed, retire with multiple arthritis. For entertainment. No. I don't watch violence. By the way the brain does not know when violence is sport or movie.