THIS IS WHY ONLY 1% SUCCEED | An Eye Opening Interview with Robert Kiyosaki

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“This is what the 1% won’t tell you!” ROBERT KIYOSAKI. How to thrive in a market crash!
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Robert Kiyosaki

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  1. School is a factory that produces employees. I mean just think about is, your whole life ur told by ur parents and society that in order to survive in life u must go to school, go to college fall in student loan debts u can’t declare bankruptcy, all of that hopping to secure a high paying 9-5 job, basically telling u to work for money and become a slave for money. And with the schools system being outdated companies aren’t hiring just because u have paper that says U have a degree cause school isn’t preparing you for life, school is not teaching you about money. The professors don’t even practice what they’re teaching. It’s basically a system that we’re trapped in and what’s keeping us poor. On the other hand the rich and wealthy entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates e.t.c who are dropouts Run those businesses and control your life and you don’t even know it. The rich don’t work for paychecks, they make passive income they acquire assets. By the way this is why most people aren’t wealthy cause school doesn’t teach about money, they tell you to get out of debt but they don’t tell you that there’s good debt and bad debt they tell you to save money that’s being printed by the government, but the wealthy save real money like gold cause the price never goes down it only goes up but money losses value over time. So if you have kids in the future, take them out of school teach them through life experience not just theory, first and foremost, take your mind set out of the system, out of the Matrix. ‼️‼️

  2. I read his book when I was a teen. I ran a lawn care business but it fell apart. Now as an adult I'm telling myself that I need to get back on the path. So I'm tighting the belt and doing some soul searching.