This Indian Mystic Drops KNOWLEDGE BOMBS (I’m Speechless!) | Sadhguru on Impact Theory

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Yogi, mystic, and spiritual leader Sadhguru understands what’s preventing so many people from a living a pleasant life. Through spiritual reflection and Inner Engineering he’s connected the dots between bad habits and continuous cycles of suffering. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, the founder of the Isha Foundation explains why looking inward is the only way to achieve the potential of a peaceful, joyful, and balanced life.

Sadhguru speaks on the vastness of human potential and habits that limit it. [3:03]
Sadhguru outlines how to break compulsive patterns and cycles. [8:15]
Sadhguru and Tom discuss the roles joy and growth play in reaching potential. [9:30]
Sadhguru describes how to pursue the path of joy. [11:50]
Sadhguru explains how to raise kids without hindering their potential. [13:58]
Sadhguru discusses the danger and power of adopting beliefs. [16:45]
Sadhguru breaks down the process and struggle of looking inward.[18:26]
Sadhguru describes the difference between seekers and believers. [24:47]
Sadhguru speaks about responsibility. [26:01]
Sadhguru reveals what he wants people to get out of his teachings. [28:18]
Sadhguru defines true focus and shares ways to practice it. [30:51]
Sadhguru differentiates between pain and suffering [34:00]
Sadhguru explores why anxiety, depression, suicide are so much more common these days. [36:43]
Sadhguru details the approach and application of Inner Engineering. [41:02]
Sadhguru shares the impact he wants to have on the world. [45:42]

“When we say unleashing human potential it is not about reaching the peak. It is a trajectory.” [5:04]

“If you are a little sensitive to life you will realize you’re the biggest issue in your life.” [7:12]

“If you have the fear of falling down and suffering you will not go very high. [11:45]

“The privileges of the nature of your experience must be in your hand.” [12:43]

“A child is not a legacy. It’s a life. And it’s an individual life. It has to be what it has to be.” [15:37]

“Death is a closure. Life is a possibility.” [26:36]

“Your experience is entirely determined by you.” [29:15]

“Only when your attention and involvement is indiscriminate does the universe open up to you.” [31:30]

“The content of our life will not change our life. It is the context of our life which changes our life.” [43:55]

“This, this is a living cosmos. Everybody’s free to capture as much as they want. If you capture a substantial amount of life, your very presence will become a significant life. Otherwise, you will become a mediocre life. This is the important thing. It’s not the knowledge you gather in your head. It’s not the muscle that you gather in your body. It’s the life.” [44:45]


Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy – [1:58]
Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga – [2:02]

Isha Foundation – [1:40]

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Comment (8,120)

  1. So interesting about the 'Growth being the foundation of the Joy and not Joy being the foundation of the Growth' I would have to agree with Tom on this one. Yes, as Sadhguru points out that there is "substantial scientific evidence to show that only when you are in a pleasant state of experience your body works at it's best" but ultimately it is the desire to grow yourself and the actions that follow, that get you into the space of JOY which is a major distinction and one Sadhgury fails to connect. When one is constantly joyful she/he does not feel such a strong desire for growth, but when you are driven to grow in every possible area of your life, that is when you are able to feel true joy of being in a peaceful and loving state.

  2. a guest that you've had on the channel that has engaged Tom to respond to and think about what he/she is saying. 100% recommended for anyone reading this comment. A lot has to be learned from this wise Mystic.

  3. I have been on a journey for the past few months and thinks to the device that I watch this on now has been the most insight thing I've done in my life. I work in a solitary state for the most part and I process the information I've gathered and now that I found Sadhguru I am on a new chapter for sure.

  4. AWKWARD MOMENT… Tom, I love you man, but mind your manners… remain standing until your guests are seated is just very James Bond old school cool, ya know? Love what you do – you are raising the consciousness of the Jungian collective. You are the grain of sand that can tip the scales from dark to light my friend. Bravo for your bravery.

  5. I was listening to this and became very confused when the conversation of like and dislike came in. Specifically, I reared this to friendship/relationships. I want people in my life who help me elevate and therefore have been deliberately breaking contact with those who aren’t on the same path as I am. I always thought that letting people go allows room for new people to come in, but according to this conversation it’s actually closing my world.