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  • Hey guys, thank you for watching and we hope you find value in this video. Time is the only real commodity after all.
    Please share it with someone who needs to hear this. These 5 minutes can really make a difference.

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  • but the purpose of this video is to come out of limitations. but who determines those limitations. i think a person can be truly be free from everything once he has no desire and only than he can do whatever life makes available

  • Loved what you said, however why why do we have to go along with the word FUCK all the time..It seems that is the "inn" word and the cool thing to say when it really is not needed to get your point across. We started with Fuck, bitch, whores, name it and we decline to a level that truly is not rebuilding in my humble opinion. Your message is great, but is the word unfuckwithable needed? I do't think so

  • 1. Forgiveness – Of past; detachment, TR – "your past does not equal your future"
    2. Know "You are enough' – Acceptance and love of self
    3. Be present – In the now!

    Summary statement;

    "Forgive, love and accept yourself…in the NOW!"

  • Nice, actually came here skeptical, because what message can be strong enough to actually change me, because I consider myself in a stable position, but what it did was it explained how I got here, the quote about extraordinary minds resonated with me heavily. Also the quote about being born whole and society poking holes in you, very true. Thank you, hopefully as much people as possible receive this message before they become or do something self-destructive because of being poked by society too heavily, or too often, or in the most sensitive places.

    To anyone reading my comment – do not stop moving forward. You HAVE the power.

  • Yes your right. When you don't forgive we confine our selves to a self imploded Jail and were not Guilty. Go out and Created Life and Bring it back to me. We're just not Honoring The Prime Creator

  • This is the very reason why I have not been myself, so much to offer,so much knowledge,experience,love,desire to help others. However, I hold myself inside because most people don't want to grow. I don't know how to get started and find the people who will like and appreciate me. Thanks for this! I really appreciate your work

  • Thank you! .. and if you notice any reoccurring theme, any issue that's pressing you over and over, know that you are probably reliving a past trauma – and successful releasing and healing of trauma requires not only forgiveness, but also discharge of accumulated energy (blocked/unexpressed emotions) and change/harmonizing of beliefs/perceptions related to the issue

  • My wife and I enjoy your videos so much. We're on a verge to a big change in our lives; Mindvalley is definitely playing a big role in it. Thanks for vision!

  • Your words resonate within me amplifying what I learned during Yoga teacher training – self study, understand your triggers and put them aside (forgive); you are enough (and always were despite information coming in tells you); there is only one moment in time which is important and it is not the past (which we cannot change) or the future (which does not yet exist) it is the moment called NOW! (be present).

  • Hi, Feels good , so many situation stop us to do so many thing, specially if we are Indian our emotion doesn't allow us to do, I am with Joint family with my brother and mother also with us when some one is invited only my family wife and children then it is very difficult for me to go. in this situation i try to avoid. when my children is wearing new clothes my brothers children are watching and feeling so many thing. I hope you can't understand same situation when my brother family wants to go. we both are avoiding some time to go. to keep happy both family. we are going together enjoy.

  • AWESOME MESSAGE!! Once you become Unfuckwithable, you no longer have to tell people "Don't fuck with me"! Cause you know they will. Shine as bright as you can! โ˜ฎ

  • Great stuff. Why is it so hard to accept and live by the idea that all is imagination? All is unfounded fear and doubt. What supermen we could be if not for fear of what will never come to pass!

  • I am unfuckwithable. It takes life experience, facing anxieties, facing fears, realizing death is inevitable and embracing that. Also, you never know when your time is up so why care what others think? This is truth and i dont care if you believe it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Its great that spiritual messages, age old teachings can be explained in 2018. We really need this, as it will also bring us closer. We wont pick and choose only those who validate us or give us a leg up, because you can get it from yourself.

  • I came across the mind valley community via an advertisement on YouTube. Iโ€™ve bought your book โ€˜the code of the extraordinary mind โ€˜ I have a great interest in the mind and behavioural science, im really looking forward to reading it. Thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Beautiful! Very beautiful. Healing and empowering. One of the key things, it seems, to being unshakable is developing a keen, razor sharp awareness of what your own intentions are, to make sure of what your intentional energy is in general, whether or not you do or say a thing. To make certain before you send out an action that will warrant a response, to ask yourself, is this coming from a place of calm still waters? Do I MYSELF want to have a pissing contest with people? Am I an angry person deep down? If your intentional energy field is to f*** with other people on any level, you'll find people want to do it back, as they can feel your energy coming from a mile away. If you're truly uninterested in any pissing match agenda even just on an energetic level, then nobody can get your goat… within reason of course. I suppose there could be that occasional someone who cannot stand that you're unshaken and do much more aggressive things to break you down, and maybe it will work at that point, but I think overall, being the most confidently calm still waters inside keeps you off meddling people's radar, but most importantly keeps you calm even if you're a target.

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