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There are three key concepts I learned from Jim Rohn that have changed my life and my business.

1. For things to change, you have to change. For things to get better, you have to get better.
It is not other things that need to change; it’s you. Once you start to explore your own personal growth, you can take control of your life. And it works on prospects too. If you tell prospects that for things to change, you have to change, prospects will agree with you and get ready to get going.

2. Success isn’t something you pursue; it’s something you attract by the person you become.
You don’t have to chase and purse people or things to get success. You need to become more attractive in business and everything else will start falling into place. People will be attracted to you. You will attract success instead of having to pursue success.

3. Formal education will make you a living and you’ll get a paycheck. Self-education will make you a fortune.
If you stop growing, you start dying. So, you need to continue your growth pattern after formal education. Read a book. Read lots of books. Develop a habit of continuing your education through reading, seminars, events, etc. Self-education is you taking charge of your life and continuously improving your skills.

These are the three concepts that changed my Network Marketing career and helped lead me to success in life and business. My hope is that they help you too.

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  2. that's right. the self education is superior, I have read a lot of sales books, motivational books, personal growing books, and now I am reading and rereading your book GoPro, I think it is going to be the book that will help me to be a pro in network marketing. Thanks

  3. Thank you Eric. I have been following you since 2014 . I am in the Middle East. (KWT). This Vlog you just put out was something I heard by a mentor of mine who currently lives in Dubai and is originally from the Philippines. Thank you for that wake up call. You had a special Guest Speaker on Go Pro whom I have a lot of respect and Admiration for because of her unselfish leadership. JANE LEACH.
    Thank you once again for giving IBOS like myself a platform to identify with.

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