Therapists Review Movie Couples, from 'Twilight' to 'La La Land' | Vanity Fair

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Relationship therapists Laura Heck and Zach Brittle review romantic relationships and love as seen in movies like ‘La La Land,’ ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ ‘Love and Basketball,’ ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,’ ‘Casablanca,’ ‘Bad Moms’ and ‘Hope Springs.’

Laura Heck and Zach Brittle are certified Gottman therapists and relationship experts. As public speakers and authors, respectively, their insights on therapy have reached the masses. Check out the institute they’re a part of and their Marriage Therapy podcast at the links below:


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Therapists Review Movie Couples, from ‘Twilight’ to ‘La La Land’ | Vanity Fair

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Comment (1,377)

  1. Any other situation, I would support the self defence theory but not this instance. She already pushed him away, and he's not trying to continue and is just standing there which makes the punch look even more obviously out of place so… nah. She defended herself already and he complied by stopping what he was doing, the late response punch afterward was unnecessary. Also, if this was a stranger or someone behaving violently towards her, that would be one thing, but this is a close friend of yours confessing his love and getting carried away, no need to act like someone stalking you down an alley! The guy she does choose was a stranger that actually snuck into her bedroom and watched her sleep! She has her creep radar backwards.

  2. I've come to really enjoy these videos!

    I'm more than seven minutes in.
    Great so far…

    If these two, if you guys — hi therapists 🙋🏼‍♀️ — jump on the bandwagon and trash Twilight, which I have a very non-standard interpretation of that has led to my enjoyment of an even admiration for the first wife a novel in the last two movies…

    It's bad enough I'm going to be alone on Thanksgiving (fiancee melt-down) — if you guys trash Twilight…I don't know what I'll do…😭😢😭

  3. I identify A Great Deal with the difficulties the couple in Lala Land went through that ultimately kept them apart. I thought this analysis was quite good but maybe not affirming enough of the potential those two missed out on as their love failed to survive in the heat of their separate ambitions. For me at least a longer, fuller analysis would be great!

    But if you dig into the Ryan Gosling filmography please skip "The Notebook" unless you compare it to the more mature love story told in the novel…

    It'd be nice though to analyze how Gosling and Emma Stone bonded through a confessional, sexless all night conversation in Crazy Stupid Love. (Pretty much the only thing I liked about that movie, though the separated long married couple still missing each other was touching in places.)