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If you knew what mattered most in life, would that change how you live? How you spend your time? If you knew that there was something that would help you live a longer, healthier, happier life, wouldn’t you make that a priority? Listen to Andrew Mills as he passionately shares his story of discovery and healing and how you can change your own life, beginning today.

Andrew and his family recently moved to St. Catharines in August 2016. He and his wife Krista have three children. He loves to cook, carve extremely detailed Jack o’ Lanterns for Halloween and read several books a week. At the end of high school he changed his career path and went to Emmanuel Bible College for his B.Th. in Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Studies and while there began to pastor in his home church under his father who was the lead pastor. Andrew continued his education through gaining a M.A. in Christian Theology from McMaster Divinity School.

He has a wonderful wife Krista and three young children. His other big passions are soccer, reading theology of all sorts, listening to records while cooking, and travelling whenever he can with his family.

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  3. Love is a close and powerful thing. Just so happens that most of that comes from other individuals, hence a relationship. But you only mentioned the word "relationships" constantly not realizing that relationships are not really even a beneficial thing. Because there can be people that want to be around you only to take from you to not benefit for you. So with your profession being more specific would not be considered malice, but a benefit with you explaining the things you want to convey. Thank you, but not all relationships are beneficial, so loving relationships would be more the proper title to export or to convey. 👍