The No.1 Habit Billionaires Run Daily

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This is the most important habit of the billionaires. IT TAKES 30 SECONDS.
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  1. Everyone here, don't get excited. Just go to the busiest area in ur province, roam around but don't steal. Trust me if u really want to change, u will see passing a lot opportunities around you, just pick any (like if u want to become part of the labour be there & start) u will have better decision over time, and u will be one of the best owners of the market too sooner, just be smart(observe, understand, communicate, build trust & be humble). It worked for me. Remember, motivations r just motivations, they r not earning.

  2. Vi este videos todas las mañanas y visualicé cómo me sentía recibiendo reservas de clientes. Más 100 personas me reservaron en 6 meses, cuando lo había lanzado a la venta 2 meses antes. Recuerdo el día que Hasta sentí miedo porque no lo podía creer. Funciona!