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What do you think of when you hear “What is consciousness?” Learn from your very own stream of consciousness as a tool for living an extraordinary life with Vishen Lakhiani’s FREE masterclass 👉

Many people believe that consciousness simply means to be awake and alert. But did you know consciousness runs deeper than just being awake?

Today Mindvalley CEO Vishen Lakhiani explains how going through your consciousness evolution journey answers the question that is burning in the minds of people everyday, “What is reality?”

According to Vishen Lakhiani, when you explore each stream of consciousness in your life, it leads to better productivity and success.

In this video, “The Lie Behind Working Hard For Success,” Vishen Lakhiani introduces the four levels of consciousness and explains that your entrepreneurship, your performance, and essentially your reality depends on just ONE thing – working on each layer of your consciousness.

00:45 Vishen Lakhiani talks about the beginning of his entrepreneurship
03:53 How Vishen Lakhiani named his company Mindvalley
06:35 Why Vishen Lakhiani quit the job of director of marketing
09:29 Vishen Lakhiani met with Bob Proctor
12:09 Bob Proctor “Are your goals worthy enough of you?”

To summarize, Vishen Lakhiani explains that it’s NOT how much or how hard you work, but going through the important layers that contribute to your hard work.

He uses Michael Singer’s “The Surrender Experiment” as an example that is the polar opposite of the idea of hard work. In his book, Michael Singer talks about the The Art Of Surrender which includes regular meditation and getting into a flow.

By giving this inspiring talk for success in life, Vishen Lakhiani combines The Art of Surrender with his four levels of consciousness in order to achieve success in personal growth.

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Vishen Lakhiani is an entrepreneur who is the co-founder and CEO of Mindvalley. He is the author of, “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.” Vishen continues to inspire others worldwide, while making guest appearances at Mindvalley events.

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