The Course in Mastery Day 6

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The Course in Mastery Day 6

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  1. 3 days pain after injury, every kg pressure on the foot srong pain? Cant barely use the foot for 100 meters a day with heavy pain. Next day i went to the doctor and rechecked it. He said that my injury is very small and the pain got nothing to do with getting worse. This day i walked 2 KM without pain, without brackets. The power of believe CREATES pain or makes power. The believe it wont get better caused the pain. The believe its getting better fast …u know.

  2. My believe was: 3 times paranasal sinuses in 6 month? Solution: Operation. NO THERE MUST BE ONE ANOTHER OPTION! I googled, found raw food. And by increasing raw(5% to 20% of kcal) and decreasing milk products about 50% i got other it. No paranasal problems for 1 in a halth year. I dont like knifes in my body. Know i am 100% raw. Its a much higher level of compassion for life in general because of the well-beeing. besides this mastery course is incredible, fort knox got not enough gold its worth!

  3. Good Stuff, the last 7 days have been great. Look forward whats to come. Personal development and mental growth. Love it!!!
    Every day is something to look forward to as well as something that can be put into practice the same day I watch. Its like Im getting more bullets to put in my mental gun.