The Cold Hard Truth About New Recruits in Network Marketing, with Eric Worre – – Mindvalley

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  1. Eric has been investigated in his colourful past for….."Unethical business practices" which sounds a little like FRAUD in layman terms, he is also mentioned many times in various media reports, not in a flattering way, claims of unsatisfied clients, debts form previous 'business deals' , barely legal 'business strategies' etc. Nothing proven or criminal but…where there is smoke! so beware. The MLM / Network Marketing industry is poison, it boasts a 97-99% failure rate, 100% in many cases, not a glowing resume' for financial success! Habitual liars, cheats and con artists thrive within its ranks, it features pyramid selling with the word SCAM firmly attached no matter what company. The parasites who promote it together with the 'side line mentors' such as the one above exploit and live well at others expense and share the same morals and integrity that drug pushers, pimps and common thieves are well known for. All should be serving jail time for corporate fraud, deception and the criminal enticement of the foolish and unwary among us who unfortunately still fall for this MLM excrement. This make believe industry manufactures or produces NOTHING nor contributes in any significant way to an economy in the form of taxes or revenue. It does produce many thick skinned sleazy bags of puss who regard people as a cash advance, something to make money from, a commodity to exploit and to advance beyond a basic level in any of these 'opportunities' you MUST recruit others, this means your family, friends etc. Don't touch any MLM 'opportunity"!!!!!