THE BEST SPEECH EVER! – Gary Vaynerchuk

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Speech – Gary Veynerchuck

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  1. I don't follow Gary vee as much, but often recommend his videos to young entrepreneurs who seek guidance … Not all of them take action .. one guy who is not into self help or watching business videos at all… But he watched the flipping video and went out and had made about $40-50,000 in 'revenue' over the next 6-8 months ..

    I shared that video personally with atlst 5-7 ppl over time … Only one took action…

    Everyone has great ideas, strategies, and a bunch of business books lying around but the person who takes decisive actions even on a simple strategy will trump everyone else any given day

  2. Some contradictions, sometimes Gary says do whatever makes you happy regardless of the cash or do whatever you would do even if you weren't getting paid and then in other talks like this one he says dont continue with your business if you are not making money!

  3. I listen to Gary often. I get something out of every single piece of content. Sometimes it’s a slap on the face. Other times it’s reassurance that I’m on the right path. Your title on this brief talk it’s absolutely accurate. This hit me square in the heart. #garyvee

  4. Dear Gary I want to apologize for being so late into the gamesir. Excuse any typos I'm using a talk-to-text app that is a piece of s*** so again accuse any typos but I don't have time to go through and fix them so I will enunciate this.

    Gary Gary Vee as well as vaynermedia what can I do to help you by the Jets?

    Assuming money is not an object, what would I be able to do? No problem making coffee breaking down film or designing plays to rebuild my West Coast offense