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Watch Peter Voogd's new show, "The Gamechangers Movement", released every Week! The Gamechangers Movement is a breathe of fresh air for the entrepreneur world. It's our mission to provide tactical, practical, and extremely valuable content for those serious about success.

Peter is labeled the Leading Authority For Millennials in Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur Magazine says: “Peter Voogd inspires us to re-think everything we’ve learned about Entrepreneurship, and focus on the timeless values necessary to succeed.”

Peter Voogd is the author of the best selling book 6 Months to 6 Figures, as well as the founder of The Game Changers Academy.

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  • This video was very on point. Since landing in LA and driving around I've had thoughts of how it is doable and I can fly private one day.

    Last night I had a little low. A doubt. A stupid doubt. I've always believed in making things happen but I didn't think I wanted it bad enough. So you saying how you just have to have it in your mind… clicked. Brought ease to my doubt I had for a moment.

    I want to get back and start hustling. My game plan may involve working a j.o.b for a short while but it gives me the ad budget I need to create multiple streams of income.

    My ultimate goal is to live the life of travel. I've not had a home since my dad died last April. I'm staying in Oregon now but i just see myself enjoying traveling alone, honestly. Then I can begin to feel inspired and see where I want to see. That's my biggest goal right now. Travel life.

    I have my course of action ready. My goal is achievable. I've got this. I'll soon level up the network. When it's finally the time. Finances will free up soon. I know they Will!

  • It's the 44th time I am trying to get into Game Changers. Hey pete, it's me @iamalexoconnor from instagram. I am already subscribed to you. Apart from that getting into every contest just because you never know. This should be it😊 #GameChangers #1

  • My BIGGEST inspiration everyday is waking up feeling SUPER GRATEFUL of my AMBITIONS!!🔥 99% of the people I know complain about life, lack gratitude and have no big ambitions. Good thing for me is that it’s self-generating: My gratitude pushed me to take action and my actions today pushed me to wake up with gratitude tomorrow.

    My second inspiration will be this 4min video as I told you earlier on IG. Downloaded and am going to loop it once every single day UNTIL I catch up your level #TeamYA
    I hope to win the membership with this comment to surround myself with more right people (#3). Let’s bump the young ambitions percentage of people I know up to 2%!! Haha
    Heck, I’ll even throw in to help you with ranking better on Google for free if I’m selected, to make your selection easier. Not the best SEO expert but, I do SEO freelance out of passion 🙂
    -CS Lim

  • Build a company where people are respected, have trust in each other to do the right thing always and build lasting relationships. A safe haven for everyone to create and grow.

  • Hi Peter. Thanks for sharing another one of your absolutley motivating videos again! My biggest, most enormous goal I'm currently working/aiming towards is moving to LA to attend acting school there in 9 months. However, all I've been hearing since I started talking about it is 'you need to do a serious reality check/realistically,' etc, etc. There's entirely no way that I'm giving up on my most biggest dream to move to Los Angeles and pursue acting but its just rather difficult to not have doubt sometimes because of some of the things that I'm told predominantly from one of my parents. What keeps you the most driven towards a goal that you cannot go a day without thinking about and refuse to give up on? I could really use some advice for metal support.

  • You are so right! You don’t need to fully believe it but your mind will subconsciously go to work on your vision. It sticks in your mind and you are reminded of what you REALLY want. Then it comes down to action and dedication. I’ve had the problem of thinking bigger before but after listening to your podcast and consuming your content I’ve gotten rid of those 150k a year goals and made them 1 million dollar goals. I’m working on creating a lifestyle around my business that fits my needs and my families. The goal is to take this 1.5 million dollar business to 10 million. 10X baby! Thank you Peter!

  • Love the material that you put out Peter! Reading your book 6 months to 6 figures for the second time and plan on sharing your work with two friends that have a similar mindset to mine. My biggest goal for this year is to quit my 9-5 job, and stay out of it permanently.

  • I want to hit the top of my company and be a 7 figure earner but I also want to launch my coaching business by summer, and grow it to a huge influential level across the globe helping thousands change their lives. I’m a single mom of three and I want to show them they can do and have it all!! Living abroad for a few months with them is also a big goal for em

  • An inspired individual here from a 3rd world country… I always dreamed of making 1 million USD per month, but I dont know how. I am into Network marketing but a newbie. I hope to figure out a way. I appreciate your advise 😁

  • motivate people around the world and travel too many exotic places. Help people and give back while creating my fortune expanding my business and creating and saving enough money, millions! House on beach! Yoga retreats! Private jet trip! And being on a talk show promoting my motivational cd and guided meditation called ‘How to create your best life ever’ you are worthy you are worth it!! Unlocking your unlimited potential. We all deserve to live and create our best life ever!!

  • I saw your videos
    Its was a pretty interesting and self firing like a volcano 🌋 💪 and thanks 🙏🏻

    My goal, aim, desire, all is to achieve what I think constantly because I believe that there is not a single goal in throughout single life it will change often.
    And work hard and hard to achieve it.

  • Hi Peter….. there are three things that I can't stop thinking about and I really want to make them happen…the three things are to become a millionaire, to become financially independent and to write and publish my own books….but I don't get the right motivation to do it…….. I don't understand what to do

  • Am Fashion Designer…All my designs on sketches…i want to sell it as One project for woman wear…Dress 3, 784piece…Shoes 300piece & Jewellery 126 piece…i was trying to sell it to Celebrites who intrest in fashion or some big fashion designer companies, but so far cant understand whats holding them to reply me…my designes r great….

  • Hi Peter,

    I have been watching you a lot on instagram and everyday in YouTube. To answer your question I used to live in Miami and now I moved out to Barcelona, no money, no job, broke but confident in my idea of being an entrepreneur. One of the goals I have is to provide content to all tourist that visit Barcelona and they do not want to go to tourist places we know are in the market. I want to create this tourist audiovisual platform for all people that want to come visit Barcelona and they want to know where to go and what to see.
    I know it sound it is a lot but with a circle of influence and ppl that have a vision I know it is possible

  • Thanks, Peter, for the video and looking forward to meeting goals and be successful in life. My goal is to start my own business and start giving back to the community.

  • My name is John Konner CEO, CoinEx Global Exchange Company. I teach people how to trade stocks, binary options, forex. I also manage and grows investors portfolios. We give out Cloud Mining Contract and we also setup crypto currencies mining farms/rigs.
    I used to be a Civil Engineer and I was good at it. After ten years, the company where I work was bought over by a multi billionaire. I was dropped and as at then my net-worth was over $150,000. I couldn’t handle it anymore as I saw things going so bad for my family and I. I wanted to change my family’s future so, I got out to Wall Street, taught myself how to trade and now I’m a multi millionaire and most importantly, I’ve transferred that knowledge to tones and thousands of clients. One of my students who had a degree from UCLA which he paid $60,000 for, working in a company where he makes $30,000 yearly has turned $18,000 into $4M in just a few years. When he crossed that million dollar mark, I got him a Porsche and he now lives big. What about having a freedom of a lifestyle?
    I travel round the world and I trade from my iPhone. I’m not a day trader.. I put trade on, across wonderful days and I would show you how I got to this height. A FISH HOOK, A PENNANT & A ROCKET; These three patterns turned me to a multi millionaire. I’m so convinced that you’re going to be next. I’m going to take you through this path. I look forward to hearing from you and know this; we are going to hit capacity soon. Don’t hesitate. Join CoinEx now! Send text to; 16507970719

  • Peter, I'm watching your channel for the first time ever and listening to you say, Think Bigger. It's as if you were reading my mind.

    So my biggest goal is launching my own online dating platform which is 50% complete.

    My TBG – Think Bigger Goal is to invest some of the revenue that my online dating platform will generate and use it to fund my 6 companies corporation.

    I would love to learn whatever knowledge and wisdom you can share.


  • I'm developing apps, now my apps are becoming popular, but they're still a bit stuck, only 300 users, I continue working on it, telling ppl about it, advertising. My biggest goal is not to work for anybody, but to work for my self, to enjoy what I'm doing and to become a billionaire up to 30 y.o.

  • I'm going to keep it humble, short, and sweet. I want someone to believe in my vision I've been believe/knowing since a child. I make music with always the right intentions. Everyday get put through tests. I just lack the financial investments that I KNOW would benefit investors & the world in a positive manner. The fact you said everything you did word for word blows my mind. It feels good finally knowing I'm not the only one that believes and keeps on keeping on when it gets hard to. This video definitely helped me. A lifestyle of comfortability for my family, the people with no hope & I is the goal. I'm not asking for anything, im just thankful for this confirmation/ video you put out.
    Thanks man 💯

  • My goal is to be one of the greats such as Albert Einstein,Nikola Tesla,John D Rockefeller,Jeff Bazos,Etc. change the world and the way we live 🙌….thanks for making the vid,Very Inspirational

  • Hey Pete, I am from India my long term goal is to work abroad which i am trying from past 3 years every time I am trying to attend interview in any company they are asking me to come abroad to attend which I cannot afford, so please suggest me some idea.

  • My biggest goals are to have more money than I know what to do with, be financially stable, own a couple of mansions, a couple of vehicles, kids, tons of clothes, and my main house as a Castle.

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