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Managers and executives today are facing a high-stakes dilemma: should they focus on making their quarterly numbers, or should they prioritize their company’s long-term goals? For David Cote, the former CEO of Honeywell, it doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. There is a way to achieve targets without compromising the company’s future health or vision.

When Cote inherited Honeywell, the company was barely holding it together. He immediately began redesigning the company’s internal processes, starting by reinvesting its profits, overhauling its business portfolio, and transforming its corporate culture with a mix of policy updates and leadership techniques. The result was an industry-defining turn-around. Honeywell’s profits soared, satisfying shareholder demands, while Honeywell simultaneously became a nimbler, more efficient, and more innovative organization. In this talk, Cote distills the insights from his experience at Honeywell—also featured in his upcoming book—showing us how to make leadership decisions that will benefit today and tomorrow.

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