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  • … brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is! Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where's the Tylenol?

  • This man is such an incredible human being, I love his videos, recently bought his book, hes is the only person Ive ever listened to (in person or watching on a screen) that just makes sense. Sense, and that made me sad for a bit, because Im 26 and spent most of life confused by so much of life, and Jordan just knows the questions we all seem to be asking ourselves and answers them in these outstanding videos – Ive never really had a role model in life, and I think i finally found one – you can feel truly horrible one day about life in general, you watch one of his videos and all that horribleness just falls and melts away. Its like he just breathes life back into your life, if that makes sense. We have David Attenborough the God of Nature / Wildlife and now we have Jordan Peterson, the God of Humanity – both teach us everything we need to and have to know about the life of each. Amazing.
    Just want to personally thank him for just being.

  • There's many reasons, at least for me why I've been afraid to talk about positive things. One is, I was always afraid that if I truly loved, wanted or enjoyed something – then it'd eventually be taken and I'd be heart broken. Another is, being afraid of coming off bragging, or making others feel inadequate – which is actually more likely to motivate others, rather than make them feel inadequate.

  • In the 1950s, the biggest loser was the confirmed bachelor. Today, the confirmed bachelors (MGTOW) are the least miserable men. Also, my personal experience, my wife and I had no children. I am now a senior citizen and I don’t miss children. I think, if you have and love children then a loss is awful but if you don’t have them that longing does not happen.

  • Today’s broken families could be producing Narcissistic Children. This could have been going on for decades. Narcissist don’t love. They have no empathy. Their emotional equipment did not develop. I have read, Narcissism is cause by a “Great Violation in Parenting”. Just an idea.

  • I hate the music in the background, I feel as though the messege being provided would construct a mind that disagrees with using music for the purpose here

  • I didn't start on my positive path until I was 34 (I'm now 48). There have been some MAJOR bumps along the way, and alcoholism continued to play a major role with my inability to really clean up my room. But I have been sober for 1 year now and found the AA Big Book and fellowship to contain many of the same truths that Dr. Peterson speaks about. I didn't realize years back, when I started to 'clean up my room' at age 34, that I was following much of his advice. Now, in hindsight I can see that my life has been the most fruitful, happy and I've been able to best succeed was when I am acting with the manners and within the mental axioms of which he speaks. He's truly amazing for bringing such simple truths to the fore. It's long overdue that we, as a society, weave this type of thought into the fabric our daily lives by 'practicing these principle in all our affairs', just as Step 12 by Bill Wilson states.

  • If we all started taking care of ourselves, we would be happier and treat others more humanely. We all need tolerance, acceptance and respect for one another. What day is today? Today , so let’s make the best of it.

  • I’m on board when he speaks psych.
    However, his Biblical applications, admittedly speculative, are far off base:
    ie: saying the snake had a man’s head ??? Where does he get that ?

    And, glaringly, how does he reconcile evolution with Genesis ??? Both do not comport. Made was made fully formed. God has that power. He need not graduate it.

  • I was having a bad day. "An incident came to mind about a soldier serving in Afghanistan, stood on a IED & lost both parts of his lower limbs….then crawled dragged his shattered body 500 yards in order not to think about the pain" Now that is a BAD day, as the prof says "stop feeling sorry for yourself, get on with your life for F##ks sake"

  • This man is absolutely the best person that's come along for the world today. To tell everyone the honest truth. He's a brilliant motivator, not to just give his story how he is successful. Actually giving an audience many ways to figure out how to fix their own lives. He's the type of teachers that needs to be in schools. Thank You, Jordan Peterson for initiating your efforts to this world today. I respect this man immensely for dedicating himself to this lost world. He's bringing us back to a better place. Hopefully a way better world.

  • The "pearls before swine" quote has a deeper meaning than "don't waste your time talking to people who don't listen" The next line is "Lest they turn and rend you" You should be very careful when giving advice as many people will think you are saying "You are doing that wrong or badly, I know the right way or better way to do that" Recently a friend of mine accused me of insinuating that he was stupid when I tried to help him. I had to remind him that 1 He was not having much luck trying to do it his way. 2 I had done the same thing and done it well. 3 We were friends and I was trying to help him. He then saw it differently, but I only had the chance to explain things because we are good friends. You won't usually have the chance to explain unless you know someone well. Many people resent advice so be careful when handing it out.

  • I love your videos, the editing and background music is fantastic and highlights the messages that this wonderful man is giving to the people who listen to him and need him.

  • If Jesus would come back he would be like you man. You are great man. You totally changed my life. Like I've recently started yoga. I think big thoughts and I have big goals. And it all started small by just standing up right with my shoulders back. I'm helping my friends family and community at large by just telling them about you and letting them know they can change their life. And I've recently got my drivers license which I struggled getting from the past 3 years now I got it and I'm saving for a car and I earn minimum wages. But I've started a side business in photography and I make my clients happy. And that feeling is amazing thanks Jordan B Perterson. And I've read your book 12 rules of life. 👍❤️😁

  • Thank god for people like Jordan. What a gift he has. He addresses the number one issue we face as humans and that's mental illness by applying understanding, change and hope. He faces what others ignore and what he faces is what we need to face most in our lives. Servant Leader!

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