How I Beat Procrastination | Robin Sharma

In this video I share some insider tactics on beating procrastination and getting big things done. It’s time to destroy distractions and take control of your time. If you want to learn the strategies and tactics of the top 5%, I would love to serve as your personal mentor. Visit: Stay Connected: Instagram: Twitter: […]

How to Wake Up Early | Robin Sharma

I shot this video on the island Paradise of Mauritius on a topic that seems to fascinate people: The 5 am Club. In it, I walk you through the best ways to get up early so you 20x your productivity and quality of life. Enjoy it! Do you want to reach higher and do more […]

Kun Mandir Ma – Robin Sharma – KRIPA UNPLUGGED SEASON 2

Kun Mandir Ma by Robin Sharma – KRIPA UNPLUGGED SEASON 2 Join us at Kripa Drishya Digital Team : Chairman – Shiva Kumar Lamichhane Managing Director – Anup Prakash Director – Pavel Udas Director Aman Pratap Adhikary Producer Shiva Lamichane (Cwaz) Associate Producer Dinesh Lama Production Manager Shanta Nepali Assistant Director Prasit Humagain Production […]