Gabriela Leon | Nanotechnology to the health service | SingularityU Mexico Summit

Gabriela is co-founder and general director of GRESMEX, S.A. DE C.V. Mexican, wife and mother of two children, Gabriela is an entrepreneur and innovator Industrial Biochemical Engineering by the UAM with many recognitions and important participations within the innovation ecosystem: • Leading the research, development and commercialization of a new nanotechnological antimicrobial ingredient in the […]

Peter Diamandis | The Future Is Faster Than You Think | Global Summit 2018 | Singularity University

Peter Diamandis, Co-Founder & Chairman, Singularity University SU co-founder Peter Diamandis helps us to understand the abundant future he sees, leveraging moonshot and prize thinking, to solve some of our greatest challenges. Summits Subscribe: Connect with Singularity University: Website: Hub: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: About Singularity University: Singularity University […]

Why the secret to success is setting the right goals | John Doerr

Our leaders and institutions are failing us, but it’s not always because they’re bad or unethical, says venture capitalist John Doerr — often, it’s simply because they’re leading us toward the wrong objectives. In this practical talk, Doerr shows us how we can get back on track with “Objectives and Key Results,” or OKRs — […]