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What is a Starseed?

A starseed is a soul that has chosen to incarnate here on earth at this particular time in history… the time of the, “great awakening.”

They came because they knew they would be sensitive enough to perceive the new energy coming on the planet… and more importantly, make use of it.

They notice it…. integrate it… and express it.

The energy has a divine quality and a higher frequency and when expressed it allows others who are not so sensitive to the energy itself… to benefit from it.

This new energy has the ability to awaken humanity as a whole and literally….transform the entire planet.

To lift it out of war, conflict, and ruin.

Finally…. this awakening is well underway, but for a while there… starseeds felt stuck in a world… in a family… in a school… and in a life, where they had a strong innate sense… of, “not – belonging.”

Many of you don’t like your current life… and have a foggy sense of your previous incarnations, which typically were on planets much different than this one… and secretly desire to escape back to where you came from.

Your non-attachment to this plane of existence makes this desire very strong and real.

You are different.

But… than again… all souls are unique.

And you did choose to come here…

If you feel forlornly at the moment… that’s ok… you have just, yet to re-discover yourself fully and uncover your reason/ purpose for coming.

Once that takes place you will be reinvigorated with a strong sense of enthusiasm, optimism, and genuine zest for life.

Hang in there, dear one..

This is just the beginning.

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7- Signs You’re A Starseed


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  1. Hi i just wanted to ask you a question. I usually don’t remember my dreams and I’m weirdly scared of the dark because i feel like I’m always seeing things. I had a night terror a few days ago where i woke up abruptly and i was really frantic. As i just up i seen a face coming at me from the ceiling and then it just went away. I don’t know if it was a man or a monster but it freaked me out. I have all the other traits you’ve said but i don’t know if that’s one.

  2. Oh my.I love animals I have 8 chihuahuas, 4 cats,6 kittens,4 mice,2 fish,and 1 chinchilla.Their my family I prefer them over people.They dont have an ounce of conniving manipulation in their bodies….you know?lol…Anyway I've been watching your channel ever since I began seeing mirrored numbers constantly.And what made me want to comment was the fact you had been to rehab.Im currently in the midst of a long drug addiction, and now I'm going through this transformation.And I feel so blessed and grateful for it, but I'm having trouble putting the pipe down even though I know it's blocking my Intuition and everything else.Was wondering if there were any techniques that helped you quit, or any insightful words that may help me.
    Sincerely, Reba

  3. That first disclaimer about labels and exclusivity which most people do use to elevate ego and also your emphasis on the fact that people aren't alone (I think some of the starseed/indigo stuff can be spiritual bypassing the real issue of loneliness and in some cases is exploited to gain following, like in the case of Unicole Unicron in the case of her UNICULT exploitative trash fire) are the most reasonable comments I've heard on this topic so far.

  4. "Feel" is a void!! You can not "feel" . I Just really depend on you guys. Please understand feel is right yet not "feel" as an emotion… sounds crazy yet its my Mission to interact with evil….God changed my DNA but devil uses it as well! God sends me to (whatever is called out)with people. Im trying to learn how to CONTROL ALL of this!!😂 Ànything to help this!